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Brains + grains = gains: a novel decision-making tool for farmers
Curtin researchers have designed a novel tool for farmers that’s helping simplify the highly complex economics of grain harvesting and distribution....
Cable bacteria can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from rice cultivation
A Danish-German research collaboration may have found a solution to the large climate impact from the world's rice production: By adding electric conductive cable bacteria to soil with rice plants, they could reduce methane emissions by more than 90%....
New Satellite-Based Algorithm Pinpoints Crop Water Use
The growing threat of drought and rising water demand have made accurate forecasts of crop water use critical for farmland water management and sustainability....
How do superbugs become super? Understanding antibiotic resistance
They’re small, but they can be deadly. And we’re still trying to understand how they work so we can protect ourselves....
Maize–legume project a double win in Africa
Instead of carrying out the back-breaking work of hoeing a field by hand in preparation for sowing, an estimated 484,000 farmers across seven countries in eastern and southern Africa have adopted reduced tillage, cutting their time spent in manual labour...
Unlocking Secrets of Teff, Ethiopia's Superfood
Ethiopia's native staple food grain teff is at risk, with 80% of production to be hit by higher temperatures soon if not protected. For the first time, scientists have mapped thousands of the crop's varieties to fast-track efforts to save it...



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