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Multi-year trial of corn and crop rotation from drone's view

22 October 2020

Since 2009 a trial has been held in Lelystad in which different crop rotation and tillage systems are compared. This year, drone recordings will be made for the first time. The photo gives an overview of the field before the start of the 2020 growing season.

This test, which is almost 2 hectares in size, consists of 180 fields. The different tillage operations are arranged in strips in the longitudinal direction of the field in 3 repetitions. The tillage has been carried out in the same place for more than 10 years and varies from plowing, non-turning work, only working strips to hardly working (no till). During these years, maize was interspersed with various green manures and grass.

A sounding board group with farmers and the business community is currently discussing which aspects of crop rotation require further research in this trial. In the context of the European research DiverIMPACTS, experiments are being conducted with mixed crops of maize with beans or sorghum and winter crops (grass and rye-winter pea) without external inputs.

The European project IWMpraise follows the multi-year weed development in part of the trial. The measurement data in the trial can be used to further optimize the use of drone images for practice.

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