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Sorghum: the third roughage crop for the Netherlands and Flanders?
Sorghum is a new crop for the northern European regions and certainly in the Netherlands and Flanders. The sorghum plant, like silage maize, is suitable as animal feed. But before it can be applied on a large scale in practice, various properties of sorghum...
Earliest spread of millet agriculture outside China linked to herding livestock
5000 years before the modern rise of millet as a popular grain, this Chinese crop was spread far and wide by ancient food aficionados, not for their plates but instead for their animals, suggests new research from an international collaboration led by...
Developing the food trend of the future: Sugar seaweed
Fresh, crispy and with a taste note of nuts. This is how the new superfood tastes, the food industry is opening its eyes to. But if seaweed is to be on the dining table, something has to happen in production. It must be both sustainable and large enough...
Corn Co-products from Wet Milling May Be Included in Pig Diets
Research at the University of Illinois is helping to determine the nutritional value of four of these by-products for pig diets....
Using Wheat as an Energy Source for Beef Cattle
Wheat, along with corn and barley, is one of the three major feed grains used in North America....
Boosting Global Corn Yields Depends on Nutrient Balance
Ensuring that corn absorbs the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is crucial to increasing global yields, a Purdue and Kansas State University study finds....



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