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Warm springs increase risk of severe summer droughts
Warm and sunny springs can create conditions that pave the way for severe summer droughts, a new study has shown....
Change in snowmelt threatens water supply for irrigation
Agricultural scientists from the University of Göttingen study the effects of climate change on irrigation water supply worldwide....
Water Forecast Shows Record Snow in Parts of West, Parched in Southwest
March storms increased snowpack in the northern half of the West but didn’t provide much relief for the dry southern half, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Water and Climate Center (NWCC) in its April 2014 water...
Crop Water Use in Limited-Irrigation Environments
The goal in High Plains agriculture is to use water most effectively in production systems to generate crop yield. ...
Irrigation Management for Corn: Improve Economic Yields
There are more than 16 million acres in harvested row crop production in Nebraska. About 8 million of these acres are irrigated....
Study Upends Long-held Food Security Assumptions
You hear it all the time in agricultural policy and research discussions: yields for the world’s major cereal crops will continue marching steadily upward. ...



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