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Estimating the Biodiesel Supply Curve
In examining the relationship between the profitability of biodiesel production and the quantity of biodiesel produced, it was noted that the responsiveness of biodiesel supply to profits plays a key role in determining the price of D4 biodiesel RINs,...
Report: Climate Change to Shift Kenya's Breadbasket
Kenyan farmers and agriculture officials need to prepare for a possible geographic shift in maize production as climate change threatens to make some areas of the country much less productive for cultivation while simultaneously making others more maize-friendly,...
Closing India’s Gap Between Beer, Barley
Barley is the most commonly used grain in the production of malt for use in making beer. ...
Challenges of Feeding Seven Billion and Beyond – Role of Scientific Innovations
This is the second in a series of articles to review some of the current information on challenges to feeding the nine billion world population in 2050, writes George Silva, Michigan State University Extension....
Challenges to Feeding Seven Billion and Beyond – Role of Fertilizers
Commercial fertilizer accounts for 40-60 percent of cereal food production. Best management practices that utilize fertilizer more efficiently and effectively are critical for profitability and environmental stewardship, writes George Silva, Michigan...
A New Look at Where Our Food Dollars Go
The ERS marketing bill has been a popular statistical series for food market observers interested in knowing the costs of getting food from farm to table, writes Patrick Canning, USDA, Economic Research Service....



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