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Researchers Learning More About Herbicide Defense ‘Switch’ in Cereals
For decades, herbicide safeners have been used as a defense mechanism against stress caused by herbicides in cereal crops such as maize, rice, grain sorghum, and wheat. ...
Corn Co-products from Wet Milling May Be Included in Pig Diets
Research at the University of Illinois is helping to determine the nutritional value of four of these by-products for pig diets....
Insecticides Foster 'Toxic' Slugs, Reduce Crop Yields
Insecticides aimed at controlling early-season crop pests, such as soil-dwelling grubs and maggots, can increase slug populations, thus reducing crop yields, according to researchers at Penn State and the University of South Florida....
Boosts in Productivity of Corn Modifies Northern Hemisphere Carbon Dioxide Cycle
Each year in the Northern Hemisphere, levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide drop in the summer as plants "inhale," then climb again as they exhale after the growing season....
Maize Analysis Yields New World of Genetic Science
A groundbreaking paper from a team of Florida State University biologists could lead to a better understanding of how plants could adapt to and survive environmental swings such as droughts or floods....
Using Wheat as an Energy Source for Beef Cattle
Wheat, along with corn and barley, is one of the three major feed grains used in North America....



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