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How Will Climate Change Transform Agriculture?
Climate change impacts will require major but very uncertain transformations of global agriculture systems by mid-century, according to new research from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis....
Wild food is Important Ecosystem Service, Study Argues
Wild plants and animals consumed as food provide an important ecosystem service that deserves more policy attention, claims a recent study. To support their argument, the researchers gathered data which show the significance of wild food to European traditions,...
Boosts in Productivity of Corn Modifies Northern Hemisphere Carbon Dioxide Cycle
Each year in the Northern Hemisphere, levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide drop in the summer as plants "inhale," then climb again as they exhale after the growing season....
Crops Play Major Role in Annual CO2 Cycle Increase
Each year, the planet balances its budget. The carbon dioxide absorbed by plants in the spring and summer as they convert solar energy into food is released back to the atmosphere in autumn and winter. Levels of the greenhouse gas fall, only to rise again....
Myths and Facts about Residue Breakdown
Crop residue serves an important role in physically protecting soil by preventing soil erosion during rain events or high winds. Also, crop residue plays a significant role in enhancing the soil biological community by providing sources of organic carbon...
Cover crops and SCN: What’s the connection?
Iowa farmers are using cover crops for erosion control and soil nutrient and pest management in their fields. There are two aspects of cover crops that relate to the biology and management of the soybean cyst nematode (SCN)....



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