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Wild plants as climate change-resistant crops
Together with colleagues from the University of Copenhagen, researchers from Aarhus University will make new crops out of wild plants. Climate changes and an increasing population make it imperative to find alternatives to the crops that feed the world...
The vast majority of Danish soya imports threaten rainforests
A new report from the University of Copenhagen demonstrates that conventionally grown soya accounts for 71% of Danish soya imports. This means that the vast majority of Danish soya imports come from South America, where producers clear rainforest to expand...
Sorghum seems promising as a fodder crop in the Netherlands
Sorghum can replace silage maize. This is evident from a literature study by Wageningen Livestock Research. ...
Climate-smart agricultural practices increase maize yield in Malawi
Climate change creates extreme weather patterns that are especially challenging for people in developing countries and can severely impact agricultural yield and food security. ...
Study: Multiscale crop modeling effort required to assess climate change adaptation
Crop modeling is essential for understanding how to secure the food supply as the planet adapts to climate change. ...
Developing the food trend of the future: Sugar seaweed
Fresh, crispy and with a taste note of nuts. This is how the new superfood tastes, the food industry is opening its eyes to. But if seaweed is to be on the dining table, something has to happen in production. It must be both sustainable and large enough...



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