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Pioneer: Corn Earworm, Western Bean Cutworm Management Tips for
Corn earworms (CEW) are cannibalistic and normally only one will be found per ear. The pest is best identified by bright, variable color and a cuticle with an “unshaven” look. ...
Pioneer: Cool, Moist Conditions Early Season Increase SDS Potential
For nearly 40 years, sudden death syndrome (SDS) has ranked second only to soybean cyst nematode (SCN) in damage to soybean crops....
Pioneer Crop Insights: Safened Sulfonylurea Herbicides Reduce Risk of Corn Injury
Successful weed resistance management requires a corn producer to thoughtfully choose the proper tools for weed management consistent with his farm operation. ...
Pioneer: Evaluate Early Season Corn Stands
Corn can face many different stresses capable of reducing stands, such as cold or wet soils, insect feeding and unfavorable weather conditions. ...
Utilizing On-the-Go Soil Sensing Devices to Improve Definition of Management Zones
In order to develop variable-rate prescriptions for crop inputs like seed and fertilizer, it is first necessary to delineate fields into regions of distinct yield potential (Butzen, et al., 2012), also known as management zones (MZ). ...
Pioneer's Crop Insights: Soil Temperature, Corn Emergence
Successful corn emergence is a combination of 3 key factors – environment, genetics and seed quality....



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