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Using Wheat as an Energy Source for Beef Cattle
Wheat, along with corn and barley, is one of the three major feed grains used in North America....
New Hope for Powdery Mildew Resistant Barley
AUSTRALIA - New research at the University of Adelaide has opened the way for the development of new lines of barley with resistance to powdery mildew....
Breeding Better Beer
Brewing-enthusiast Dr Chris Ridout had little idea when he applied for a BBSRC public engagement grant in 2001 that it might lead him to resurrect a Victorian beer....
Cover Crops Reduce Erosion, Break Up Soil, Fix Nitrogen
When it comes to cover crops, a wealth of possibilities range from winter rye and triticale and even spring oats combined with turnips or tillage radishes. ...
Disease Found on Common Wild Grass Affects Barley
Scientists from Rothamsted Research have shed light on the role of wild grasses as a source of fungal pathogens able to initiate leaf blotch epidemics on barley crops....
Closing India’s Gap Between Beer, Barley
Barley is the most commonly used grain in the production of malt for use in making beer. ...



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