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Climate change affects soil health
Researchers at the universities of Kassel and Bonn show that soil pathogens spread after heat and drought stress...
Clemson Extension experts advise growers to plan attack against diamondback moth caterpillars
If fall brassicas are part of your gardening strategy, Clemson University Cooperative Extension experts say now is the time to develop a strategic plan to ward off diamondback moth caterpillars....
Grain crops with lower carotene levels are less affected by parasitic plants
Grain crops that produce less carotene can produce more food, especially in Africa, as they are less affected by parasitic plants. ...
Cowpea protected from a devastating pest, free for smallholder African farmers
Across Africa, armies of hungry caterpillars destroy the flowers and pods of cowpeas; casualties can reach 80 percent of this staple food crop if no measures are taken. ...
Soil life thrives between oil palm fronds
Research led by University of Göttingen finds high levels of activity in suspended soils...
Soybean Innovation Lab is connecting people around the globe with new, free online course
The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) recently launched Africa’s first free, open-access, certificate-based online course in integrated pest management (IPM) and pesticide safety....



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