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Combating climate crisis: Plantations bind CO2 and bring rain to the desert
Large-scale plantations in desert regions offer several advantages. Firstly, plants bind carbon dioxide and thus help to store carbon. ...
Irrigated crops underestimation risks water shortages
The area of agricultural land that will require irrigation in future could be up to four times larger than currently estimated, a new study has revealed....
Change in snowmelt threatens water supply for irrigation
Agricultural scientists from the University of Göttingen study the effects of climate change on irrigation water supply worldwide....
Psychologists target root cause of soil erosion
Land degradation is a major environmental challenge that costs 17% of global GDP and undermines economic development in many regions of the world....
Sorghum: the third roughage crop for the Netherlands and Flanders?
Sorghum is a new crop for the northern European regions and certainly in the Netherlands and Flanders. The sorghum plant, like silage maize, is suitable as animal feed. But before it can be applied on a large scale in practice, various properties of sorghum...
Wild plants as climate change-resistant crops
Together with colleagues from the University of Copenhagen, researchers from Aarhus University will make new crops out of wild plants. Climate changes and an increasing population make it imperative to find alternatives to the crops that feed the world...



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