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Rescuing Farmland After a Flood
When levees fail, either naturally or as an intentional breach, as was the case on the Mississippi River in 2011, an orchestrated effort is made to remove or repair flood-damaged homes and other structures....
Maize Analysis Yields New World of Genetic Science
A groundbreaking paper from a team of Florida State University biologists could lead to a better understanding of how plants could adapt to and survive environmental swings such as droughts or floods....
Water Demand for Crops May Rise in Northern Germany Under Warmer Climate
By 2070, there may be insufficient water for irrigation to ensure yields and profitability for some crops currently grown in northern Germany - if the IPCC´s worst case climate change scenario becomes a reality - new research warns. To reduce future...
A Trifecta of Water-Planning Tools
As fall progresses into winter and harvest comes to a close, crop producers might want to consider planning their future crop rotations, crop mixes and irrigation use. ...
Crop Rotation Key For Corn Results
Increasing maize planting density can lift dry matter yield without damaging quality, but only if crop rotation and moisture are right, says a Virginia forage expert. ...
Causes of California Drought Linked to Climate Change
The atmospheric conditions associated with the unprecedented drought currently afflicting California are "very likely" linked to human-caused climate change, according to scientists at Stanford university....



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