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Palm trees most abundant in tropical forests in the Americas
Palm trees are more than five times more numerous in tropical forests in the Americas than in comparable Asian and African forests, a new study shows....
Genes controlling mycorrhizal colonization discovered in soybean
Like most plants, soybeans pair up with soil fungi in a symbiotic mycorrhizal relationship. In exchange for a bit of sugar, the fungus acts as an extension of the root system to pull in more phosphorus, nitrogen, micronutrients, and water than the plant...
Multi-year trial of corn and crop rotation from drone's view
Since 2009 a trial has been held in Lelystad in which different crop rotation and tillage systems are compared. This year, drone recordings will be made for the first time. The photo gives an overview of the field before the start of the 2020 growing...
McDonald's Suppliers Address Global Sustainability Challenges
More than 170 McDonald's supply chain partners submitted 400 stories addressing sustainability challenges to help improve food sources, the environment, communities and employee wellness around the world. ...



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