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Canola and Bees - a Sweet Relationship
Canola is the main crop for honey production in Western Canada. Wherever you find canola, you’ll find honeybees, according to the 11 August 2014 issue of "Agri-News"....
Canola Genome Sequence Reveals Evolutionary 'Love Triangle'
An international team of scientists including researchers from the University of Georgia recently published the genome of Brassica napus—commonly known as canola—in the journal "Science". Their discovery paves the way for improved versions of the...
Multi-gene Engineering Could Enhance Seed Oil in Oilseed Crops
A team of researchers have published the first study to focus on multiple genes that control steps in the pathway for seed oil production in oilseed crops....
Discovery Offers Bio-solution to Severe Canola Crop Losses
A genetic discovery by a University of Calgary-led international research team offers a solution to a long-standing "green seed problem" that causes millions of dollars annually in canola crop losses....
Improving 'Crop Per Drop' Could Boost Global Food Security, Water Sustainability
Improvements in crop water productivity — the amount of food produced per unit of water consumed — have the potential to improve both food security and water sustainability in many parts of the world, according to a study published online in Environmental...
Weed Management in Era of Glyphosate Resistance
The development of glyphosate-resistant crops is one of the most important weed management innovations in the history of agriculture. The cost savings, broad-spectrum efficacy, crop safety, and ease of use of glyphosate-based weed management have driven...



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