Abrosexual: What It Means? How To Tell If You Are Abrosexual?

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Abrosexual What It Means How To Tell If You Are Abrosexual

Being open with your sexuality might be a challenge in many regions of a country. We, humans, have diversity and uniqueness in each and every one of us. Everyone is different and unique in their own way, even if others are comfortable with it or not. Being open about your sexuality and not sitting under the pressure of society and the public is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

People have always criticised what they don’t understand or think differently. It is up to you what you choose for your life and be confident and proud about it. Anyway, if you are keen to know a little more about abrosexuality, then keep reading because you will get to know everything about it here.

What Does It Mean To Be Abrosexual?

As with numerous other identities, abrosexuality is also a term given to people who have different sexual desires and prefer to choose their partners, which is different from our typical idea of a relationship. A person can confuse themself with being pansexual or bisexual if unaware of the exact details of being an abrosexual person. You might not have enough details about it, so let’s get to it. 

Everything About Abrosexual

1. Attraction Variability

A person may be attracted to a person of a different gender for a long and suddenly lose attraction towards them. You might think there is something wrong at the start, but when you come across a certain person of the same gender as you, you feel an attraction towards them. This might be an overwhelming experience at first, but it’s quite a normal thing for an abrosexual person. You can be attracted to a person for some time and can suddenly have no attraction for any gender.

2. Being Self-Confident

Having confidence and being proud of who you are as a person is more important than being silent about your sexuality. There will be people who criticise many corners of life, but ignoring those and moving forward will give you happiness—being abrosexual means feeling attraction towards whoever you like or not attracted to anyone at all. 

Identifying Yourself As Being Abrosexual

Now comes the point of identifying yourself as abrosexual. As mentioned before, you are a unique version of yourself and not like any other person in this world. So, having attraction towards a man or a woman doesn’t really make any difference. Suppose you are young and struggling to hold on to a person as your partner due to your sexuality; you lose interest in them suddenly. Then have a look at these points to know all about your sexual identity:

1. Fluidity

Sexual fluidity is the most common part of being abrosexual. What is sexual fluidity, you ask? Simply putting, a man who is abrosexual can be attracted to a female, a male, or unattractive to any gender at all at the same time. 

2. Sudden Loss Of Attraction

If you are an abrosexual person, then you can lose attraction to a person of a different gender suddenly. You might think that you are asexual at that point due to no attraction for anyone. There is no need to be confused about it as it is temporary. This phase can last. Hours, days, months, or even years, but you will get attracted to someone eventually.

3. Sexuality Change

You are the person you were before; your sexuality is the same; you are not pansexual, bisexual or asexual. You just have a unique sexual arousal system than the majority of people on this planet. You need to be patient, understand yourself, and get to know more about your attraction and arousal behaviors.

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Can Abrosexuality Change At Some Point In Life?

It’s completely up to you how you interpret your random sexuality changes, whether it’s your benefit or demerit. But your abrosexuality is permanent and will be with you throughout your life. 

Summing Up

Abrosexuality is not a mental condition, as people may refer to it. This is how your body and mind are designed, and no one can do anything to change it. You need to accept the fact and learn to live with it peacefully. If you are abrosexual, you might get confused with being pansexual, but in your case, you can get attracted to any gender or lose attraction for them at random.

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