Anxiety Disorders: Types, Reasons, Symptoms & Treatments

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Anxiety Disorders Types, Reasons, Symptoms & Treatments

Suffering from any disorder is dreadful and will be a disturbance for a long time until it gets treated or you accept it completely. Anxiety is also a kind of mental disorder that impairs you from doing your daily activities correctly. Anxiety can be a result of failures, fear, or stress. Some activities that increase the chances of anxiety are smoking, drinking, or taking drugs to get relief from stress or tension. If you are going through a phase like this, keep reading to get more details on anxiety, its types, symptoms, and treatments. 

Things To Know About Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is pretty common among youngsters these days, but it can occur in anyone. People with this disorder tend to feel dreadful, fearful, or restless from something that’s going on in their lives. When they come into a situation where they have to face someone for disrespect or an interview, they get agitated and feel numb all over their body.

An Overview Of Anxiety Disorder

Types Of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a disorder that is still under research, and many studies on people are still going on. There are some known types of anxiety that can be seen commonly in people. Here are they:

Agoraphobia: This is a type of phobia or fear of going to certain places or avoiding certain situations that might cause them to panic or be agitated. 

GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder): Always being overwhelmed by the feeling of fear and stress about failing to do something in the future. An unreasonable amount of worry about something comes in the GAD category.

Selective mutism: A condition in which kids generally stop speaking after a traumatic incident and refuse to get involved with anyone is called selective mutism. Usually, it gets better with time when the kid starts to forget about the incident.

Reasons For Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety can affect you from any type of incident. It simply depends on your mind’s situation-handling capacity. There can be some specific reasons that can trigger anxiety in someone. Here are they:

Trauma: If a person gets into an accident and gets injured in his/her legs, their mind can save that memory or feel like a trauma and affect their future driving interactions or create a fear of driving.

Stress Buildup: Stress is always a bad thing to keep in mind. When a person holds their feelings and emotions about something for long enough and doesn’t vet it out, it can build up and create an anxiety outburst.

Personality: Some people have that personality where they get scared to talk to someone, and when they are forced to interact with someone, their anxiety gets triggered.

Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder

When it comes to symptoms of anxiety, it is pretty obvious to indicate and can be detected by the affected person themselves. When a person gets the anxiety trigger from an incident or an interaction, these are the symptoms, some of which can be seen in them:

Nervousness: Getting nervous is pretty common in everyone, but when it comes to a person suffering from anxiety, they can get numb all over their body and become incapable of moving.

Sense of danger: Feeling an irresistible sense of danger or dread can be a sign of anxiety.

Sweating and trembling: Excessive sweating and trembling without reason is a strong sign of anxiety and can be severe in some people.

Treatments And Remedies Of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety can be treated in many ways, whether it is improving something in your life, building up self-confidence, or getting therapy. Here are some more treatments and remedies for anxiety in people:

Exercise: Getting indulged in daily workout sessions and getting in shape is going to improve your mental as well as your physical health. Daily exercise is also going to improve your confidence level.

Meditation: Daily meditation and focusing on your goals are going to help a lot in treating your anxiety by clearing out bad memories slowly.

Therapies: Therapies are proven to work in treating anxiety for almost everyone. Psychotherapy will help you accept yourself the way you are and gradually reduce anxiety.

Wrap Up

Anxiety is a condition that affects someone throughout their core and affects their personal and professional life as well. You can easily comprehend your anxiety with these details and choose to go for some of the therapeutic activities mentioned above. Always avoid stress and try to face your fears to build up confidence.

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