Are Baked Potato Chips Healthier Than Other Chips?

Are Baked Potato Chips Healthier Than Other Chips

Baked potato chips are the alternative to fried potato chips because they have fewer calories and low fat. In addition, it is the best alternative for fried potato chips, which contain high calories that result in obesity. But baked potato chips are also under the radar of dieticians because of their additional ingredients. 

Why Should You Say Yes To Baked Potato Chips?

We know that in the human body, a proper flow of nutrients and minerals is essential, and if the flow of any element increases, then it may cause a severe effect on our body.  So, before drawing any conclusion, let’s see the positive sides of baked potato chips.

Facts About Baked Potato Chips

Less Fat

If you eat fried potato chips, then you must stop them immediately because they are rich in fat compared to baked potato chips. In a cup full of fried potato chips, you will find 10.30 gm of fats, whereas in baked potato, the fat quantity is only 6.20 gm (1 cup full of baked potato chips). So, you can see there is a fat margin of 4 gm in a single cup. 

We know that excessive saturated fat is not good for our body as it may lead to many health issues, including cardiac arrest and more. Moreover, the stored saturated fat increases body weight, and that causes obesity. 

Baked Potato Chips Are Rich In Nutrients

Nutrients are important for our body as they keep functioning the body’s organs effectively. For instance, calcium is good for bones, fiber decreases cholesterol, and potassium is good for the heart. The baked potato chips contain all these essential nutrients, and their compositions are 1.6 gm of fiber, 42 mg of calcium, and 245 mg of potassium (composition based on a full cup of baked potato chips).

Why You Should Keep Distance From Baked Potato Chips?

If there are pros, then definitely there will be cons as per the nature of the universe. Likewise, in baked potato chips, there are cons as well that may directly affect the human body, and the same are listed below.

Sodium Content

We all know that sodium regulates the water around the cells, and when there is a deficiency of sodium in the blood, that may result in hyponatremia disease. In addition, the blood pressure will get lower, and the person may faint at any time. However, if there is an excess of sodium in our body, then it may result in hypertension, and that may directly affect our heart. So, it is always advised to take controlled amounts of sodium.

Moving back to our topic, one ounce of fried potato chips contains 147 mg of sodium, whereas baked potato chips contain 257 mg of sodium. It means that baked potato chips contain more sodium than fried potato chips, and that’s its biggest disadvantage. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very useful for our body as it plays a pivotal role in building collagen, which is good for skin, ligaments, and blood vessels. In addition, Vitamin C is responsible for building tissues in our body. The major source of this vitamin is citrus fruit, but in potato chips, only a small portion of Vitamin C is available. 

Baked potato chips, per ounce, contain 4% more Vitamin C than daily body requirements (90 mg for adults). So, it means the presence of this essential vitamin is very low in baked potato chips, but in fried ones, the presence of Vitamin C is 10% of the daily body requirements. 

A Source Of Acrylamides

Acrylamide is a chemical that is used in industry for manufacturing papers, dyes, and other products. This chemical is created in several ways, and even in cooking food that contains sugar and amino acids, this chemical is generated. We know that potatoes contain sugar, and when it is baked at high temperature, they will generate acrylamides, which may cause cancer.

Even in research, it has been found that baked potato chips contain three times more Acrylamides than fried potato chips. Now, you can assume how harmful the baked potato is for your body.  

After covering the pros and cons of baked potato chips, we came to the conclusion that they can be consumed occasionally but not regularly. The presence of Acrylamides is not good for your health, so to remain healthy, you must keep a distance from baked potato chips. 

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