How Changes In Body Temperature Can Affect Weight Loss?

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How Changes In Body Temperature Can Affect Weight Loss

Can body temperature influence weight loss in an individual? If yes, how are they related to each other? These questions are quite common among people who are enthusiastic about weight loss and these have been a question in demand for over a long period of time. In this article, we will discuss in detail regarding these two and their effects and impacts on the human body. Several other questions that have been asked along with the same query are also answered in detail through the article. First and foremost let’s look into the primary relationship between body temperature and the basic health of an individual.

Body temperature and overall health

Body temperature is fundamentally related to the Body Metabolic Rate (BMR) of an individual. BMR is quite a crucial factor when it comes to body weight. People who are on their weight loss journey need to enhance their BMR in order to accelerate the process. Body temperature also has a significant role in the energy levels of the person.

The Impact Of Body Temperature On Weight Loss

The body temperature can also give hints regarding the overall health of the individual. However, there are a lot of factors including issues with the thyroid gland and also environmental changes affecting the ranges of optimum body temperature.

  1. Increased Metabolism

In order to prove the close relationship between these two, let us take the example of an individual infected with fever. During fever, it is quite obvious that the body temperature goes higher which consequently increases the metabolic rate of the individual. With an increased metabolic rate, the weight of the person goes down. This is the reason why most of us experience sudden weight loss after fevers.

  1. More calorie burn

A higher body temperature would also help in burning more calories reaching the body through diet. Hence a person having a higher body temperature would burn more calories and thus becomes less vulnerable to unwanted weight gain even if he/she consumes food in a bit more quantity. However, if you are someone who is particular about losing weight, managing your body temperature becomes the key.

  1. Better oxygen intake

A person having a higher body temperature is more likely to intake a greater amount of oxygen through breathing. This improved oxygen intake can help the body utilise the energy consumed by the individual more efficiently. In other words, higher body temperature can also cater to better energy levels for the individual. This can make the person ready to be involved in any kind of physically challenging activities that come across in a day. More body movements can thus indirectly help in weight loss by promoting calorie burn.

How does lower body temperature affect weight loss?

Lower body temperature can significantly reduce the Body Metabolic Rate (BMR) of an individual and thus cause unwanted weight gain in our body. Lower Body Metabolic Rate (BMR) makes it quite difficult for the body’s mechanism to burn calories which makes fat accumulate in the body causing weight gain in an unhealthy manner. If you are having a lower body temperature constantly, you may also experience lethargy, most of the time. The motivation to get engaged in any physically demanding activities would be much less and thus you may find it quite difficult to stick to your workout routine, consistently.

Why don’t you get the desired results of weight loss even after dieting?

Well, dieting, weight loss, and body temperature are also closely connected to each other. While we are following a strict diet pattern, it brings changes to the Body Metabolic Rate (BMR) of the individual. This may also affect the body temperature and normally it falls. Your body does this intentionally so that it can cope with the new dietary pattern that gives less energy than before. When the body experiences a temperature fall, the weight loss also becomes slower since the body needs to survive longer with the new minimum provision of less energy.

These are all the major connections between the body temperature of an individual and the weight loss pattern. Hence it is important to check your body temperature and core temperature before starting with the weight loss journey, to have the maximum benefits out of it.  

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