Brown Spot On Your Eye: Is It Dangerous? Reasons And Treatments

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Brown Spot On Your Eye Reasons And Treatments

Are you worried about the black spots on your eye? Well, anyone can get worried if they notice something unusual in their eyes. First of all, you should know that it is a normal occurrence, and many people face this issue. Our eyes are the most sensitive part of our body, and that is why people are so concerned about eye health. 

It is a good approach that you notice something unusual in your body, and you seek information for that. We will explain all the details about brown spots on your eye so that you can understand what this means, what causes them, and how to treat them. So, let us continue to explore this topic to learn and adopt treatments.

Get An Understanding About Brown Spots On Your Eye

There is a cell in our body, which is known as melanocytes, and it is a pigment cell responsible for the colour of hair, skin, and eyes. Melanocytes are spread all over the body, and you cannot notice that unless they clump together. When they clump together, they form brown spots on your eye.

Get An Understanding About Brown Spots On Your Eye

These brown spots are also called nevi and nevus if they are plural. Clumping together of melanocytes causes nevi, nevus, freckles, or brown spots on your eye. These spots can be present on the white part of the eye and the coloured part of the eye. If the spots are large on the coloured part of the eye, they can be attached to deeper tissues.

How Dangerous Can Be The Brown Spots On Your Eye

Usually, brown spots on your eyes are not dangerous at all, and they do not cause any pain to your eyes. However, If the brown spots get large in size with time and cause you pain and unclear vision, then it can be a sign of cancer, which is known as ocular melanoma. This happens rarely, but it is possible, and that is why you need to diagnose the brown spots on your eye.

You should not use any home remedies to treat the brown spots on your eye because it can lead you to lose your vision. You must consult your doctor if you notice brown spots on your eye and experience pain and unclear vision. Your doctor will observe the brown spots on your eyes and measure their shape. You have to visit your doctor regularly to measure the shape of the brown spots on your eye.

What Are The Reasons For Causing The Brown Spots On Your Eye?

Brown spots can be present in people’s eyes from their birth. Brown spots on your eye can also be formed during puberty and with ageing. Melanocytes are the main reason for causing brown spots in your eye. When these colour pigment cells clump together, it causes brown spots on your eye. Exposure to ultraviolet light for a longer period of time can lead you to nevi or nevus. You should wear sunglasses that protect you from UV rays in order to prevent brown spots on your eyes.

How Can You Treat The Brown Spots On Your Eye?

We have explained to you that, in most cases, brown spots on the eye are not harmful, and people do not need any treatment for such cases. You should not take any risk with your eye if you do not face any pain and discomfort with your vision. 

However, if the brown spots on your eye are caused by ocular melanoma, then you will need treatment. Surgery, radiation therapy, laser photocoagulation, and thermotherapy are some advanced treatments available for the brown spots in your eye. Your doctor can advise you on a treatment that can suit your specific body requirements.


If you have brown spots on your eye, then you should not worry because usually they are not harmful. However, you must visit your doctor on a regular basis to check the size of the brown spots on your eye. If you experience pain and discomfort due to those brown spots and they are caused by ocular melanoma, then you have to go for a specific treatment that suits your condition.

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