Top 10 Calcium-Rich Foods To Support Healthy Bones

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Top 10 Calcium-Rich Foods To Support Healthy Bones

When it comes to bone health, calcium is an essential nutrient required for our body. It makes our bones stronger and maintains its density. Besides, calcium also assists in muscle movement and balances body strength. So, this article explores some of the best food sources of calcium. You can include them in your everyday diet and ensure you have stronger bones.

Some Best Calcium Rich-Foods For Healthy Bones

Building and maintaining strong bones is crucial for overall well-being. Here, we will discuss the top 10 calcium-rich foods that not only taste great but also serve as your body’s natural bone boosters.

Best Calcium Rich-Foods For Healthy Bones

1. Eggs Can Be Great For Your Health

You can include some boiled eggs in your diet as they are abundant in calcium. A boiled egg contains 68 mg of calcium. Besides, it is rich in vitamin D, which helps bones in the absorption of calcium. You can add one to two eggs to your everyday breakfast and ensure good health for your bones.

2. Milk: Sweet Source For Calcium

It has been found that cow milk is an excellent source of calcium, and drinking a glass of milk every day can give you 125 mg of calcium. Apart from this, it is packed with other nutrients, such as Vitamin D, protein, and phosphorus. Thus, having a glass of milk every morning will not only make your bones stronger but also maintain your overall health. 

3. Soak Some Almonds Everyday

One cup of almonds contains 385 mg of calcium, which is more than enough for a person in a day. Therefore, you can soak 6 to 8 almonds in water at night and have them in the morning. Moreover, eating almonds can also improve your brain health, regulate blood sugar, and reduce cholesterol levels.

4. Beans And Lentils: A Package Of Nutrients

Beans and lentils such as white beans, red beans, green gram beans, and chickpeas are abundant in calcium. Adding them to your diet will be beneficial for your bone health. Besides, they are rich in protein, which is good for your muscle growth and bone health. Moreover, Beans and lentils make you feel fuller, which helps in weight loss.

5. Say Cheese For Your Bone Health

Cheese is another nice option to make your diet calcium-rich. The best thing about cheese is there are tons of ways you can add it to your diet. It will add an extra taste to your food and, at the same time, provide enough calcium for your bone health.

6] Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds have magnesium that balances the effects of calcium on our bones and muscles. A cup of sunflower seeds contains 108 mg, which will be super for your bones. Moreover, these seeds have vitamin E and copper, which together improve flexibility and reduce bone loss.

7. Broccoli Is A Super Food

Broccoli can be another great source of calcium for your bones. One cup of these crunchy veggies can have 43 mg of calcium. Thus, you can have broccoli by sauteeing it, grilling, or simply boiling it. Moreover, broccoli is nestled with nutrients such as potassium, vitamins K and C, and fiber, which will be good for your overall health.

8. Make Your Oatmeal More Tasty With Chia Seeds

Two tablespoons of Chia seed can have 179 mg of calcium, which is superb for your bone health. Also, it contains borons that metabolize calcium for bone and muscle health. You can have chia seeds every day by adding them to your oatmeal, yogurt, or smoothies.

9. Leafy Greens Are Perfect For Salads

Leafy Greens such as spinach, celery, cabbages, and lettuce are rich in nutrients, among which calcium is one. Having them daily can increase calcium in your body and make sure to keep your bones healthy. You can add them to your salads or simply eat them by boiling them. Including leafy greens in your diet will ensure your bones get enough calcium.

10. Ensure Healthy Bones With Orange Juice

If you want to make your bones healthy with a zesty taste, then oranges can be a good option for you. A whole orange contains 60 mg of calcium, so having one every day will be a good idea. Moreover, you can have the fruit as we usually eat or can make juice of it to have a wholesome morning drink.

Take Aways

These food sources are filled with calcium; adding them to your diet will significantly help you maintain good bone health. Also, they are packed with other beneficial nutrients, so they will ensure your overall well-being.

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