Can L-Carnitine Help With Weight Loss? What You Need To Know!

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Can L-Carnitine Help With Weight Loss

L-carnitine is a supplement and it has been often related to weight loss in human beings. But is that true? Does taking this supplement help us lose fat significantly? In this article, we will be enlightening on the true functionalities of L-Carnitine, which will help you find an answer to the question stated above. However, the first and foremost thing you need to understand regarding L-carnitine is that it has got close association with the lipid metabolism in the human body and this is the reason why it is also understood as a weight loss supplement among a majority.

What is L-Carnitine?

Before diving into the depths of L-Carnitine it is also important to look into the etymology of the term. Carnitine is derived from the Latin word, Carnus. And the meaning of Carnus is flesh. Human beings get L-carnitine primarily from the flesh of animals and thus the term becomes quite appropriate. Lysine and Methionine are the two major amino acids playing a crucial role in the formation of L-Carnitine.

L-Carnitine For Weight Management

The main function of L-carnitine is to break down the fats in the human body and then turn them into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which can be used by the cells for energy. Another important function performed by L-carnitine is the detoxification of mitochondria in the cells. Accumulation of toxic compounds in L-carnitine would be prevented with the presence of the same. 

What do studies say?

Now, when it comes to the weight loss function of L-carnitine, yes, it can help the human body lose the accumulated fat inside through lipid metabolism. This has been found through a study and people who took L-carnitine supplements expressed significant weight loss.

The body mass index and fat mass of those people were found to have decreased significantly after the consumption of L-carnitine. 2000 mg was the daily dose of L-carnitine provided to those people who took part in the study. The average weight loss range of them was 1.21 kg – 1.73 kg.

Some people didn’t consume the L-carnitine supplements and took part in the study for a specific comparison. And their weight loss average was only 0.68 kgs.

Most of the people who were made to participate in the study were obese and overweight so the weight loss data could be more relatable to those who are trying to shed those extra pounds of weight.

The right way to have L-Carnitine

However, it is never advised to take L-carnitine supplements without the prescription of an expert medical practitioner. If you would really like to lose weight, make sure you are making significant changes in your diet and lifestyle and following it consistently for the rest of your life.

Also, working out regularly and being patient are equally important. If you would still like to accelerate the process with supplements, you may consult a doctor and seek advice regarding the consumption of L-carnitine capsules. But even if you take L-carnitine in the prescribed dosage which is 2000 mg per day, it may take a prolonged duration to see the results you have been wishing for. 

Other sources of L-Carnitine

It is also important to note that even if you do not consume L-carnitine in the supplement form, you can still have the benefits of the same by consuming it through your daily diet. For this, you need to include red meat in your diet. This would significantly benefit your skeletal muscles and also contribute to the health of your heart.

If you consume meat with a maximum of red pigments, then the L-carnitine supply in them would also be more. But you should also be careful not to consume red meat in excess, since this may cause consequential effects in your heart health. 


So to put it in simple terms, L-carnitine is an effective supplement for weight loss. But it may take more time than expected to deliver results. So, it is up to you to take the supplement or not. Since the compound is also available through a daily diet, it is always advised to have the same in your diet. Even though food will not provide us with the prescribed dosage of L-carnitine, it is better and healthier to have it in the same manner. 

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