What Causes Weight Gain And Obesity? 8 Leading Reasons You Should Know!

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What Causes Weight Gain And Obesity

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 1 billion people are obese, among which 650 million are adults, 339 million children, and 340 million adolescents. Excessive weight gain can significantly affect our health. Being overweight can lead to serious health issues and problems in our day-to-day lives. There can be many reasons for gaining weight and obesity, and this article explores some of the leading causes. So, let us find out what causes obesity and increase in weight by diving down.

Top 8 Reasons For Obesity And Weight Gain

In our modern lifestyles, several aspects can influence our body’s tendency to store excess fat. From dietary choices to sedentary habits, these factors play a crucial role in shaping our health. Here we explain the top eight reasons behind obesity and weight gain.

Top 8 Reasons For Obesity And Weight Gain

1. Unhealthy Food Habits

One of the major reasons for obesity is our diet. Our health depends on what we eat and digest. Unhealthy eating habits, such as eating too much junk and processed foods, can lead to weight gain and obesity.

These foods contain high amounts of processed sugar, fat, and chemical additives, which can seriously affect our weight. Thus, the next time you think of eating burgers, pizzas, fries, etc, just think about their impact on your health.

2. Do Not Be Lazy

Not indulging in any physical activity can also lead to weight gain. This is because our body uses energy that we get from food during physical activity. Thus, if we do not perform any physical activity in our day-to-day life, the energy from foods gets stored as extra fats in our bodies. This results in excessive fat build-up and obesity.

3. Disruption In Hormonal Levels

Hormones are chemical signals that our brain and cells produce to make our body function. It can also be a leading cause of weight gain. One of the most common hormones for weight gain is Neuropeptide Y. This hormone is produced by cells in the brain and regulates appetite and energy consumption. Apart from this, insulin is another hormone that is responsible for storing fat. Thus, an imbalance of such hormones can lead to weight gain and obesity.

4. Changes In Metabolism

Metabolic changes can be another significant reason for weight gain, as it is responsible for the digestion of food. A slow metabolism digests food and burns fewer calories, which can lead to weight gain and obesity. Moreover, a fast metabolism can burn calories quickly and make us hungry too frequently. Hence, changes in metabolism can cause an increase in weight and fat.

5. Unhealthy Lifestyle

An increase in weight and obesity also depends on our lifestyle, from our eating time to sleep. Irregular eating habits, lack of sleep, stress, consumption of alcohol, and smoking can also lead to weight gain and obesity. So, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want to avoid obesity and increase in weight.

6. Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a condition in which our muscles resist to absorb the glucose derived from the foods. This increases the sugar level in our body, which leads to obesity and weight can. Moreover, insulin resistance and weight gain are co-related; the condition can also develop due to excess fat around the belly, which boosts obesity.

7. Impact Of Medications

Certain medications are also a reason for weight gain and obesity. Pharmaceutical drugs such as antidepressants, valproate, diabetes medications, and antipsychotics can lead to weight gain. People who have been taking long-term medications for treating medical conditions often tend to gain weight and fall victim to obesity.

8. Excessive Consumption Of Processed Sugar

Too much-processed sugar consumption can also increase weight and obesity. This is because such sugars are empty calories without any valuable nutrients. It causes our body to make extra fat, ultimately leading to excess weight and obesity. Thus, it is better to avoid processed sugar in your diet and add natural sweeteners such as honey and jaggery.

At The End- Maintain A Healthy Weight And Lifestyle

There are various other reasons for weight gain, but the ones listed above were some of the leading causes. These reasons may vary in their impact according to different individuals. Some might suffer obesity from changes in metabolism, while others may have unhealthy food habits. By avoiding them and improving your lifestyle, one can make sure to have a healthy weight. Thus, now that you have understood the leading causes of weight gain and obesity, go on to make your life better by maintaining your weight.

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