Can Chlorogenic Acid In Green Coffee Help With Weight Loss?

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Can Chlorogenic Acid In Green Coffee Help With Weight Loss

Green Coffee beans are gaining popularity these days for having positive effects on weight loss. Caffeine and the chlorogenic acids contained in green coffee beans are the ones providing health benefits to the human body. But does it really help human beings lose weight and achieve their dream physique? If yes, how is that made possible? And what are the safety considerations you need to take if you would like to lose weight with the consumption of green coffee? This article is all about those things that you need to hear and understand in detail. 

What is green coffee?

Green coffee beans are normal coffee beans that are sold without the roasting step. Apart from being used as a popular weight loss supplement, some expert medical practitioners also note that these beans possess health benefits such as the ability to regulate blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

It is the antioxidant properties of green coffee beans that contribute to these beneficial characteristics. The antioxidant properties are the result of the chlorogenic acids found in abundance in these green coffee beans.

Green Coffee For Weight Loss

Apart from the antioxidant properties, these chlorogenic acids also provide a lot of anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive properties to green coffee beans. These properties may benefit the human liver as well as the heart.

Chlorogenic acids cannot be found in roasted coffee beans since they are lost when exposed to temperatures beyond a threshold point and this is the major difference between green coffee and roasted coffee. 

The function of caffeine & chlorogenic acids

Apart from the chlorogenic acids, the presence of caffeine also promotes weight loss in individuals. But caffeine is common in green coffee and roasted coffee and it is not lost in the process of heating. There are a lot of studies that prove the effect of caffeine on weight loss and reducing BMI. 

Now, let us see how these chlorogenic acids are performing weight loss functions in human beings. When consumed, the chlorogenic acids in green coffee reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive system into the bloodstream and thus prevent the possibility of frequent blood sugar spikes.

Thus, it may also be able to control the blood glucose levels in individuals and thereby prevent the unnecessary weight gain caused due to diabetic conditions. The fat metabolism functions performed by chlorogenic acids also contribute to fat burn and weight loss in human beings.

Lowering triglyceride levels and the hormone levels inducing obesity by the chlorogenic acids also join the weight loss functions of green coffee. 

Some drawbacks of the studies published

However, one of the most significant drawbacks that make these medical findings less reliable is the nature of studies that confirmed the weight loss impact of green coffee and the chlorogenic acids contained in it.

Most of these studies are not human-based and are conducted mainly using rats. Many studies are also short-term and do not clarify the long-term effects of green coffee. The sponsorship of these studies by some green coffee manufacturers is also noted as one of the major drawbacks. 

Green coffee for weight loss by healing lifestyle diseases

When it comes to the glucose level-controlling features of chlorogenic acids, we must understand that it is beneficial in regulating both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. For green coffee to perform this function, a total quantity of 400 mg of the same should be provided to our body on a daily basis. If it is done properly, green coffee is also found to have the potential to increase insulin levels in the human body. 

If you would like to shed those extra pounds of weight with the consumption of green coffee, it should be consumed in the prescribed dosage for at least a period of 8 weeks. If accompanied by an energy-restricted diet, the consumption of green coffee may deliver effective results in human beings. 

Its effects in lowering cholesterol levels can also result in effective weight management. Green coffee can reduce bad cholesterol and thereby prevent weight gain caused due to unhealthy blood cholesterol levels. One of the negative effects of green coffee is that it also reduces the level of good cholesterol in the human body. 

So, it is your discretion to choose green coffee for your weight loss journey. But remember not to add sweeteners or sugar to your green coffee since it may give you the opposite results. 

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