Conch Piercing: What It Is And How It Is Done?

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Conch Piercing What It Is And How It Is Done

Piercing is a fashion that one cannot deny in today‘s world. With the body, art and self-expression, taking a rollercoaster to another level, piercings have been in trend forever. You can show your individuality and style with one piercing that not only defines you but also defines the overall body expression.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular piercings that has gained its popularity, thanks to its unique placement, and overall appearance, the conch piercing. Conch piercing is one of the most popular piercings today that is not only appealing but defines an individual’s style like a pro.

What Is Conch piercing?

The conch is a shell-shaped part of the ear where you can get the piercing and wear the jewellery like the next hero. It is a through cartilage region that has two locations, one is inner which is closer to the ear canal and the other one is Outer which is closer to the outer rim of the ear.

People who want to have an edgy and distinctive look, often go for this type of piercing and define their personality to a whole new level. But what is the procedure behind it?

The procedure is very simple for the conch piercing- it begins with the cleansing of the ear and later marking the exact spot where you want the aesthetic look. This piercing is often categorised as outer and inner, and one needs to know where they want the mark.

Conch Piercing

There is a needle involved which is properly sterilised before the procedure and later pushed through the cartilage. This will create a hole for the Jewelry and the person will be able to lock the area with the help of that jewel. It is a quick but sharp pinch and can be tolerated by people who are not that sensitive.

As discussed, it is one of the favourites among young individuals but you have to consider the pain factor before going through the procedure. The pain involved is simple yet sharp. It is subjective and people with a great tolerance level won’t even feel the conch piercing.

People will feel uncomfortable and painful for a few days until the discomfort has faded. It is swiftly faded and does not expect miracles, you have to make sure that the area is properly cleaned so that there is no soreness or swelling around the area. You might experience mild pain for a few days but it is normal to feel so.


After the piercing, it is very important to take care of that area and go through a proper healing and preventive affection process. Let’s explore some of the tips that a person can follow:

  • Make sure to clean the area with a saline solution or you can also use a fragrance-free soap. You can clean it twice a day around the piercing area and then later rotate the Jewellery to also ensure that it goes around in and out.
  • You have to make sure that your hands are off the area and you do not touch the piercing with dirty hands. Make sure that there is no twisting or turning off the Jewellery unnecessarily as it can add bacterial infections to the area.
  • Do not get involved in activities like swimming, or go into a hot tub or even touching yourself to a water body! You might get bacterial infections while swimming.
  • Make sure that you are choosing the right kind of Jewellery for your ear which is of high quality and also does not cause allergies. Some of the jewellery may cause infections around the ear. Do not change the Jewellery unnecessarily as it might lead to irritation.
  • Make sure to be patient and expect your body to adapt to the new change within six months to a year.


Fashion is a call that you need to attend on a daily basis, be it styling your conch in style! You can have a lot of studs, hoops to endless unique designs for your new piercing. Be ready to experiment and welcome the new self-expression like a pro! You won’t regret it.

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