How Does Drinking Water Help Your Skin?

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How Does Drinking Water Help Your Skin

Water is the main component of our body, and skin is the largest organ. The connection between water and skin health has been discussed for a long time. There is no doubt that water is beneficial for our overall health, but it is not evident that only drinking water can help our skin. 

When some of the popular celebrities were asked about their secret of having healthy and shiny skin, they said drinking water helped them improve their skin. This is the main reason for people wanting to know about the role of water in skin health. 

We will explore this topic in detail so that you can figure out by yourself whether drinking water is helpful for your skin or not.

The Role Of Water In Our Body

Our body is 60% to 70%  water, and it is the main component of cells and tissues. Water is helpful in carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells and tissues. It increases the ability of body organs to function more efficiently. Water is very beneficial for our digestive system, and it also helps to remove toxins from our bodies.

The Role Of Water In Our Body

Water is also beneficial for lubricating joints and improving kidney and liver health. It helps in regulating our body temperature as well. You should focus on drinking water if you are on a weight loss journey because it can help you lose weight.

Water is beneficial for maintaining the hydration of the skin, which is helpful in many ways. Water is helpful in maintaining the pH levels and elasticity of the skin. It is also helpful in moisturizing our skin and reducing acne, pimples, and wrinkles as well.

Get An Understanding Of The Role Of Skin In Our Body

Our skin consists of three layers: epidermis, the outer layer; dermis, the middle layer; and subcutaneous, the bottom layer. The skin provides protection from excess heat, cold, and pollutants, which is beneficial for overall health. Skin also helps in regulating the temperature of our body and also produces vitamin D, which is beneficial for our overall health in many ways.

The skin prevents water loss from our body and helps maintain hydration. When your body is hydrated, it helps in improving the brain and kidney health. Hydration is also beneficial for conditions like headaches and constipation. Further, it can make you feel energetic and improve your ability to perform physical activities.

The Role Of Water In Improving Skin Health

It is evident that water is beneficial for overall health, and many experiments have been conducted to know the role of water in improving skin health. One experiment was conducted on two groups where the bodies of one group were dehydrated, and another group were hydrated. Both groups started consuming extra water for a certain period of time. 

After completion of the experiment, it was noted that the skin health was improved of the first group, whose bodies were dehydrated in the beginning. The second group, whose bodies were hydrated, didn’t show additional benefits. Therefore, it is clear that water is beneficial for hydrating the body, but it cannot be said for sure that drinking water can help improve skin health.

Exploring Simple Ways To Improve Your Skin Health

The first thing you should do to improve your skin health is focus on the hydration of the body. It will help you maintain moisture and elasticity in the skin. Start eating a balanced diet and include foods like fatty fish, avocados, tomatoes, nuts, etc., in your diet routine. 

Further, you should quit smoking because it can affect your skin and overall health. You should also limit or stop consuming alcohol because it can dehydrate your body. Also, manage your stress and protect your skin from the sun. These are the simple ways to improve your skin health that you should adopt for your overall well-being.


Drinking water can really help your skin, but you also have to focus on other things to do that. If you think only drinking sufficient water can help your skin, then you are wrong. We have suggested some tips that you can follow to improve your skin health. Also, drink sufficient water, which is approximately eight glasses of water per day, to remain hydrated and gain several health benefits.

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