5 Early Signs Of Dementia That May Catch You Off Guard!

5 Early Signs Of Dementia

Dementia is the term that is used to describe an Alzheimer’s disease that is affecting the human’s cognitive functioning. It is mainly caused when the nerve cells in the person’s brain stop working, which leads to memory loss. In this case, people cannot think, remember or perform things perfectly. However, it is commonly unknown as symptoms are basic and do not affect daily activities. However, many early signs suggest that the individual suffers from this disease. 

Dementia is mainly caused in ages over 60 and includes common symptoms like confusion, memory impairment and more. However, if you are unaware of other symptoms that prove you are going through this disease, you are the right article. Here are the top surprising early signs of dementia which need to ensure early diagnosis.

Top 5 Surprising Early Signs Of Dementia 

It is obvious that the brain naturally droids as you get older. So, older people are worse affected by this mental problem. Although many early signs define people as suffering from dementia and needing immediate care and concern. Let’s see 5 surprising early signs of dementia-

Early Dementia Signs

1. Difficult In Planning Or Rectifying Problems

A person suffering from dementia may find it difficult to plan particular events or activities and rectify problems in front of them. For instance, they forget the way, cross signals, or hit someone during the driving process. Moreover, while cooking, they might forget the recipe or what they must include in preparing the dish.  

2. Disregarding Social And Others Norms 

If the person disregards social and other norms, such as criminal behaviour, commenting interpersonally, or breaking into someone’s house or others, it can be early signs of dementia. This disease is normally seen in the early 30s and 40s or any age considering inappropriate behaviour towards society or others. Here, people usually say hurtful things that can make others feel bad and show no awareness of their inappropriate concerns. 

3. Always Have Confusion About Time And Place

Keeping a record of the time and place of recent activities, past events or what will be in the future is a sign of a healthy brain. However, a person with dementia might have difficulty remembering things and always be confused about dates, events, performances, places, etc. In this case, people forget where they are, how they got there and why. Also, it sometimes leads to difficulty in managing money where they forget where they have kept money, invested or to whom they have given.

4. Facing Difficult In Understanding Visual Information

Visual information is the basis to get knowledge and understand things in a better way. If a person finds it difficult to understand visual information like differences between colours, it is hard to read, judge the distances and more. Also, whatever they are well known, find out problems in performing like cycling, diving, swimming and more. 

5. Eating Non-Food Or Rancid Foods

Have you ever seen someone eating flowers in a restaurant or eating unusual things anywhere? If so, they are surely suffering from dementia, where their senses don’t work on what to eat and what to avoid. They also eat spoiled or rotten food, which shows early symptoms of dementia. 

Moreover, they need special attention while eating or a consultant to overcome this problem. 

The above are 5 surprising early signs of dementia, which affect daily life, memory, understanding and sometimes severe issues. However, there is no exact treatment to reduce the risk of this disease; let us see the ways to reduce early signs of dementia.

How To Reduce Early Signs Of Dementia?

The biggest factor of dementia is getting older, and there are many things that you can do to reduce the risk of dementia. Some are-

  • Perform proper physical activity.
  • Avoid smoking And Alcohol.
  • Staying mentally and socially active.
  • Take a proper balanced diet, especially almonds, nuts, green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Take The Help Of Doctor To Overcome Dementia

Dementia is a common but chronic condition affecting brain function and sense organs. Here, people are confused why such sweet, understandable, social persons are speaking or performing such unusual activities or speaking hurtful words. But, it can be well treated with a medical professor who will provide a diet plan, exercises and medication to increase the memory power. 

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