Hair Growth: Eight Easy Steps To Help Your Hair Grow Faster

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Eight Easy Steps To Help Hair Growth

Do you idolize having hair like Rapunzel? Who does not? Women do aspire for long, luscious hair that they can just style and flaunt. However, experiencing hair loss after a certain age is evident and needs to be considered. 

Men particularly lose hair after they hit middle age. It’s a common notion, but what if we tell you there is a way to bring them back? Yes! In this blog, we are going to explore different ways that are natural and effective in growing your hair faster. So, ladies and gentlemen let’s get on with it. 

What Are The 8 Ways To Get Your Hair Grow Back Faster?

These methods are completely natural and do not have any side effects, unlike supplements or topical products. To understand hair loss, you must know that hair loss is caused because of the aging process. Your scalp loses its power to produce hair follicles which in turn causes hair loss. 

Eight Ways To Hair Grow Back Faster

1. Scissors Are Not The Enemy

To let your hair grow faster, you need to cut it at regular intervals. This is the biggest misconception that cutting your hair will not allow your hair to grow faster.

When the ends of your hair start to split and become rough, it is a sign to cut them. Because if you don’t trim the ends, then the hair quality will decrease and make your hair weak.

2. Do Not Shampoo Your Hair Often

It may sound rogue, but washing your hair with shampoo every day is doing more damage than cleaning. Your scalp has natural oils that provide nutrients to your hair that make it stronger and help it grow.

But when the nutrients are washed off there is no fuel for your hair. Stripping your scalp with natural oils will lead to brittle, thin, and weak hair. Try washing your hair with shampoo only twice a week to let your hair grow back faster.

3. Stop With The Coloring!

Bleaching and dyeing your hair is the worst way to treat your hair. When you are coloring your hair, you are burning them to the shades you want. Chemical-induced treatments will damage your hair cuticles and strip them of the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

After coloring your hair, you will surely have a pretty color for about 6-8 months, but you will be doing hair damage for the next 2-3 years.

4. Keep The Electricals At Bay

Styling your hair often hinders your hair growth and leads to breakage and frizz. Try to style your hair only on special occasions and make sure to decrease the heat levels. You can also use heat-protectant serums or creams before you start using hair straighteners or curlers to style your hair.

5. Oil Your Hair Once A Week

Head massages with oil can surely relax your body and hair cuticles. Research shows that oiling your hair every week can help improve scalp health and promote hair growth. It helps in keeping the natural oils intact and deep cleanses your scalp when you wash your hair.

You can use essential oils like lavender, chamomile, peppermint, or thyme with any carrier oil to moisturize your hair. These carrier oils are coconut oil, sunflower, and castor oil.

6. Avoid Hot Water While Washing Your Hair

Hot baths are certainly good for relaxation and sore muscles, but not for your hair growth. Washing your hair with hot water can dehydrate your hair and lead to breakage. So choose normal water or cool water for hair washing. 

7. Use A Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on a cotton or synthetic pillowcase can create friction and damage the hair. Always use a silk pillowcase to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair texture. Change the pillowcases every week to avoid contact with the germs on your hair while sleeping.

8. Brush Your Hair Everyday

Brushing your hair every day increases blood circulation in your scalp and promotes hair growth. It also gives you a neat look with all the nutrients evenly distributed around your scalp. Brushing your hair before bed helps to keep your hair hydrated and promotes faster growth.


Healthy hair does not need to be long but needs to be able to grow back. Try these remedies to promote your hair growth and stick to the natural remedies. Also, do not use SLS or SLES-labeled shampoo for your hair as it contains parabens and silicones. So stay natural, and grow your hair!

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