Erotic Hypnosis: What It Is And How It Works?

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Erotic Hypnosis What It Is And How It Works

We have all heard about hypnosis and honestly, the whole concept is quite intriguing. If you have already tried getting hypnotised, you will be curious about learning more. But if this is your first time attempting something like that, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the process and outcomes. Although there are plenty of reasons to hypnotise someone, one of them has caught everyone’s attention for a long time. It is an erotic hypnosis. So, what exactly is it and what will be the results? In this blog, you will learn everything about the erotic hypnosis.

Sex is a popular cultural conversation and as the times are moving forward, people are being more open about it. The various methods, their desires, and the reason for strong urges. Getting deeper into this topic also makes you wonder “how to improve the sex life?”. This is where the two dots connect: hypnosis and erotica.

Erotic Hypnosis

Also known as the hypo-sex, this is the method where a sexual idea or goal is achieved in some way. It can be simply about a relaxed state of mind, something worth giving you pleasure, or a hands-free orgasm. The process involves an individual telling his/her partner about what to do. They guide each other in a trance-state using their behaviour, voice, action, or attitude.

According to some famous researchers, erotic hypnosis creates a path of improving the acts that a particular subject is already enjoying. This brings out those hidden desires that sometimes the partner is too shy to confess. It gives access to a method of exploring sexuality indirectly yet pleasurably.

Erotic Hypnosis

Why Practise Erotic Hypnosis?

 There are various reasons why somebody would like to try erotic hypnosis.

  1. An increased sense of awareness: When you indulge in erotic hypnosis, it gives you a way of improving your awareness of the mind, touch, and other sensations.
  2. Improve fantasy scenes and role plays: Sometimes, the partners are too shy to talk about role plays and fantasy acts. During hypnosis, everything becomes easy as conversations are more honest.
  3. Control the pleasure after and during the trance state: When you are in the trance state, you want to still control the pleasure points. Hypnosis helps you do the same.
  4. Experience taboo acts: Indulging in a taboo act is not easy. When you are in hypnotic mode, you can do so.
  5. Accomplish kink or fetish: During the trans mode, you can more easily complete the fetishes and kinks you might have had in mind for a long time.

How Does The Erotic Hypnosis Work?

So, the main question is: how does this process actually work? The session starts where you and your partner lay the foundation. At first, you will talk about everything including your hard and soft limits and what are you expecting overall. The more you understand each other’s wants and desires, the better.

Now, the professional hypnotist will help you enter the trance stage. At this time, the attention of the subject leaves the outer world and shifts to his/her innermost images, feelings, and cognitions. You slowly enter the trance consciously. It will somewhat replicate the lighter trance which you experience some times during the day already. It can be any type of trance and doesn’t have to relate to sexual desires. The exact experience depends on what the hypnotist suggests.

You have now entered a stage of deep relaxation. Until and unless something snaps or the session is complete, you will stay there. Yes, it is a beautiful feeling.

The expert takes you through a scenario and you accept it without any questions or doubts. He works to help you have an orgasm or increase your libido. You can enter a stage where you feel more aroused than ever.


Remember, when you are beginning, think about it and why you are doing this. Your goals should be clear. The process can help you explore and achieve your innermost sexual desires. In case you contact an erotic hypnotist and you don’t feel uncomfortable in their company, find someone else. Make sure you are totally at ease when starting the process.

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