Eyelid Skin Tags: Causes And Treatment Options

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Eyelid Skin Tags Causes And Treatment

Skin tags are also known as acrochordons and can occur in different areas of the body. Skin tags are a common occurrence around the neck, armpits, under the breast, genital area, and on eyelids. You should know that usually, skin tags do not cause any harm, but in some cases, they may affect vision and cause irritation. Here, we will explain all the details related to skin tags on eyelids. We will explain the causes of skin tags and also methods to remove skin tags from eyelids.

Get An Understanding Of The Skin Tags And Their Effects On Overall Health

Extra growth of the skin that hangs on the skin surface is known as skin tags or acrochordons. Skin tags are formed by a certain type of protein called collagen and blood vessels that are surrounded by a layer of skin. The colour of skin tags is usually the same as skin, but in some cases, they are darker. Skin tags usually occur where the skin in the body folds like the armpit, neck, and under the breast.

Reasons Behind Eyelid Skin Tags And Effective Removal Methods

However, skin tags do not cause any major health issues, but they can be irritating. If the size of the skin tags on the eyelids is larger, then they may affect the vision. Also, if you rub them, they can cause pain and irritation. Additionally, skin tags can make you look bad, which can reduce your confidence to live a normal life.  

What Are The Reasons For Causing Skin Tags On Eyelids?

Skin tags are a common occurrence, but the exact cause of this condition is still unknown. However, there are several factors that can cause skin tags on different areas of the body, including on the eyelids. Let us explore the potential causes so that you can have a better understanding.

Overweight Or Obesity Can Cause Skin Tags: Overweight people are more vulnerable to having skin tags because they have extra skin to fold and rub against each other. Obesity can cause skin tags not only on the eyelids but also on the neck, genital area, and armpits.

Skin-To-Skin Rubbing Is The Major Cause: If skin rubs against skin anywhere on the body, then skin tags can be developed. This is the major cause of skin tags on eyelids and other areas of the body.

It Can Be A Concern For Senior Adults Because Ageing Can Be A Cause: Ageing is a factor that can cause skin tags on eyelids, along with armpits, neck, etc. This is because the elastic properties of the skin get reduced in the grownups.

Diseases Like Type 2 Diabetes Can Be A Reason: People who are suffering from type 2 diabetes can develop skin tags on their eyelids due to insulin resistance

Family History Can Also Be A Reason: Genetics can play an important part in developing skin tags on eyelids and other parts of the body. If there is a history of having skin tags in your family members, then you are more vulnerable to developing them.

Exploring Efficient Methods To Remove Skin Tags From Eyelids

Skin tags are harmless, and you do not need to remove them, but if they are causing trouble, then you can surely remove them. However, you should not try to remove them at your home; you must consult your doctor if you want to remove them. Here, we will explore some methods that are used to remove skin tags from eyelids and other parts of the body.

Surgery is an effective method to remove skin tags from eyelids and other parts of the body. Additionally, your doctor may suggest Cryotherapy, in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze off skin tags. This way, skin tags are removed within a few days or weeks. Also, Electrosurgery can be very beneficial in removing skin tags as it burns them through an electric current.

Final Words

Skin tags on eyelids can cause you to look bad, but they do not cause major health issues. We have explored skin tags in detail, their effects, causes, and efficient ways to remove them. Thus, if you are suffering from this condition, then contact your doctor to get the specific treatment. You must not try to remove them on your own because it cause bleeding and infections.

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