Finger Joint Pain: What Causes Pain And How To Treat It?

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Finger Joint Pain Treatments

Humans are prone to damage like broken bones, cuts, and bruises, but eventually, repairable damages heal over time. When it comes to pain or suffering, it happens along with the injury. Healing the injury takes time and precautions; the pain increases and makes you suffer more.

Joint pain can be caused by various things, like injuries, arthritis, or tendon issues, but treating them at home is not an option for you; you have to get a doctor’s help with that.

Anyway, if you are keen to know more about the causes and their treatments, then keep reading and get the knowledge about them here:

What Could Have Caused Your Pain In Fingers Joint?

One of the most flexible parts of the body, our fingers have a number of joints and help us with almost all of our daily tasks. Fingers can get injured on occasions like intense stress on them or joint-related issues like arthritis or infections.

Joint pain in your fingers is not a good sign if it lasts longer than a few days. Moreover, if your diet and lifestyle is poor, your bone starts to lack nutrition, thin out, and get weaker over time. Let’s dig deeper into the possible causes of your pain in the fingers:

Possible Causes Of  Finger Joint Pain

Recent Finger Injury

Fingers are important for our daily activities, and when they get injured, it takes time to get them healed. If your finger joints are hurting, there is a chance that your fingers are injured. From falling and overextending to knocks and blows, all of these things damage your joints and give you pain afterward. 

Joint Conditions

Joint pain is a common problem for millions of people around the world. If you are feeling intense pain in your finger joints, there is a chance that you have arthritis or infections in your joints. As joint pain usually lasts long in many cases, your pain is likely not ending soon.

Weakened Tendons

Tendons are the parts that move our joints in their palace and make do all of our work. Tendons contract and expand on a tissue level to move joints from their place to let us move any type of object from our fingers. These tendons are strong, but if your nutrition is poor, then you might have damaged them, and it could be causing you pain. 

How Do You Treat Your Finger’s Joint Pain?

Treating joint pain comes with many activities that can be helpful if done correctly and regularly. Doing mobility exercises, yoga, improving your diet, and applying relief creams can relieve your pain. Joint pain can be caused by torn ligaments as well, which needs attention and surgical treatment. 

Use Orthopedic Creams

Pain in your finger can also be due to inflammation or spasms in your muscles. Apply orthopedic creams or gels in the affected area at least 3 times a day for a week. The chemical properties of those gels help you heal better and quicker. These creams can be bought in medical stores and are rather cheap.

No Movement Of The Joint

If your fingers were injured in the past few days, you need to give them rest for a while and avoid movement. Moving your affected finger can increase the pain and injury. Give it rest for a while, You can stick a wooden stick or ruler to your finger and tape them together to reduce the possibility of movement. This will give you time for your finger to heal properly.

OTC Pain-Relief Medications

When you are suffering from intense pain in your fingers, it is necessary to get them checked for broken bones or fractures. But you can also take pain-relief medications that will reduce the pain and won’t heal the injury. Taking this medicine will give you time to get your finger checked by a doctor.

Get Your Arthroplasty Done

The worst you can suffer from in a finger injury is torn ligaments or tendons. A torn ligament will disable your fingers, and you won’t be able to move them at all. The pain will be intense; you will have to get a surgical procedure from a surgeon. The surgery is called Arthroplasty. A surgeon removes the torn ligament from the joint and places an artificial one between your joints. 


Joint pain is a common problem in middle-aged and older people, but treating it is the main challenge for them. But, if you are younger and don’t have joint-related problems, then you should get it checked by a doctor immediately.

A broken or fractured finger sometimes takes time to swell and can cause damage to your muscle tissues in that time.

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