Can Gallstones Cause Fatigue And Dizziness? Understanding Symptoms And Treatment

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Can Gallstones Cause Fatigue And Dizziness

Even if the gallbladder is an important organ in the human organ system, most of us are not very concerned about the same. Focus and care for this organ only come when something goes wrong with it.  The gall bladder primarily plays the role of storing bile juice in it. This is imperative for you to break down the fats stored in your body. Blockage of bile ducts and the crystallization of bile juice can cause issues with the gallbladder. The crystallization process causes gallstones to form inside, which will be discussed in detail in this article. 

Symptoms And Treatment Of Gallstones

Does a person with the issue of gallstone often feel quite dizzy and tired? The major symptom a person faces if he or she is suffering from a gallstone issue is unbearable abdominal pain. According to various individuals, the duration of this abdominal pain would also be different. In some cases it would last for just 30 min and in some it may last even up to hours. The intensity of the pain is also a relative thing. Pain experienced in the region right below the ribcage is also a symptom of the same. 

Symptoms And Treatment Of Gallstones

When the size of the gallstone is quite big and blocks the passage of bile juice completely to and from the gallbladder, several other symptoms may also develop in the patient. Fatigue and dizziness belong to that category of symptoms when the condition starts to worsen steadily according to the size of the gallstone. Along with this fatigue and dizziness, the patient may also experience loss of appetite, regularly. As a part of the same, the person may also exhibit significant weight loss. The appearance of urine in darker shades and stools in lighter colors and greasy texture are also part of the symptoms. 

If the condition gets much worse, the patient may also experience fever with chills. Sweating extremely during the nighttime can also be examined in such patients. Some of them may even fall into jaundice infection and get their skin and eyes yellow-colored.

In some individuals, itching may also accompany these symptoms. However, the dizziness and tiredness would always persist and make the patient mostly bedridden and inactive. Hence if you are experiencing unexplained tiredness and dizziness, it is important that you take detailed checkups and consultation with an expert medical practitioner to detect the condition as early as possible. 

Considering dizziness and tiredness as valid and early symptoms of gallstones is quite important since in some patients gallstones appear without even the slightest of pains. In such conditions, the tissue can only be diagnosed with early symptoms such as dizziness, tiredness, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Some gallstone issues would not cause any negative impacts on the individual. In such cases, doctors would recommend you not go for any further treatments and medications. But this should be followed only after you get a confirmation from an expert medical practitioner and never on self-examination or analysis. 

If you are a survivor of pancreatic cancer or gallbladder cancer, you are likely to get infected with gallstones. Hence you must take the precautions or preventive medications as prescribed by your doctor. In some individuals, gallbladder polyps may also cause this condition. And these polyps don’t need to be cancerous which makes it a less serious one.

However, we should never skip a clinical examination to understand the true nature of the growth inside your gallbladder and then finally seek treatment according to the same. 

Now, let us talk about the most common treatment methodologies adopted in such cases. If your doctor suspects a gallstone issue in you, an immediate diagnosis and treatment can be done with a procedure called Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).

If your gallstone is a cause of gallbladder cancer, popular cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation are taken into consideration. Any surgical treatments are not adopted if you are struggling with the condition during your pregnancy since it may cause other complications.

Laparoscopy and Cholecystectomy are the two main surgical procedures performed for the removal of gallstones by doctors. Since there are a couple of effective treatments available, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible to get treated and cured soon.

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