How Guggul Can Aid In Weight Loss? Major Health Benefits Explained!

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How Guggul Can Aid In Weight Loss

People try weight loss remedies, supplements, pills, herbs, literally anything and everything. And this is not a trend that has just started to appear these days. For centuries, we have been obsessed with slim and toned body physiques, both for health concerns and also for looks.

When it comes to Ayurveda, there are also a lot of herbs, nuts, and formulas that aid weight loss. Guggul is one such vital ingredient used in Ayurveda for healthy weight loss. In this article, we will be discussing more about this particular ingredient and its health benefits, primarily focusing on the weight loss advantage of the same.

What is Guggul?

Guggul is a gum resin and it is mostly sold in the form of pills or resin balls. This particular gum resin can be made from a variety of trees belonging to a particular family called, Burseraceae. Apart from the stand-alone benefits of Guggul, it is also used in Ayurveda for the preparation of medicines for other purposes to bind the rest of the ingredients well.

Weight Loss Benefits Of Guggul

Pura is the other name of Guggul and this can be seen mentioned in many Ayurvedic texts. The meaning of Pura is nothing but “a substance that wards off disease”. Guggul has amazing fat-burning properties which makes it perfect for your holistic weight loss journey.

It is also used for the treatment of diseases such as arthritis, skin infections, and irritations, lifestyle diseases such as cholesterol and diabetes, thyroid issues, heart and brain dysfunctions, kidney problems, respiratory diseases, and so on.

It has also a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, making it a perfect cure for many diseases. The major health benefits of Guggul can be found below.

  1. An excellent weight loss aid

Guggul suppresses food cravings in individuals, especially the cravings for unhealthy food items and sugars. It also helps in increasing the metabolism of the body and thus enhances the fat-burning process. It also prevents the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region and helps in maintaining a toned figure. Guggul also helps in the detoxification of your gut. Weight gain mostly happens due to the lack of the required amount of digestive juice in the stomach and the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region and Guggul can retort this by increasing the production of the digestive juices.

  1. Best for cardiovascular health

Heart dysfunctions and issues can also be effectively treated using this particular resin. It has the properties to relax the entire cardiac system and offer peace of mind for the patient. Heart muscle strengthening is also possible through the right consumption of Guggul. Since it also removes bad cholesterol from the body, it can also prevent many deadly heart diseases such as cardiac arrests, blocks, and atherosclerosis from happening. By keeping your heart healthy, weight gain caused due to the same can also be prevented. 

  1. Supports liver functions and health

There are a lot of hepatoprotective properties in Guggul. An alkaloid named Guggulsterone is responsible for these powerful properties of the same. It helps in the detoxification of the liver and also looks after the overall well-being of the liver. Optimization of the level of liver enzymes is also quite important to maintain the health of the liver, which can also be ensured by the right intake of Guggul. Hepatitis and jaundice can also be prevented by using this ingredient.

  1. A natural painkiller

If you are suffering from severe pains and inflammation due to any infections or diseases, Guggul can be an effective remedy. That is the main reason why Guggul tablets are mostly prescribed for arthritis patients. The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of Guggul have been praised a lot. The pains caused due to the accumulation of toxins in the joints can also be relieved using Guggul’s detoxifying properties. It is also widely prescribed for sore muscles and muscle spasms.

If you are using Guggul for weight loss or any other particular purpose, the ideal dosage is 1-2 capsules per day. It is also important to understand that having Guggul beyond the dosage can cause side effects. So make sure your consumption is right and timely and does not cause any health complications. If consumed properly, Guggul is a great Ayurvedic ingredient that can help you have many benefits including weight loss. 

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