6 Health Benefits Of Red Bananas: How Do They Differ From Yellow Ones?

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6 Health Benefits Of Red Bananas How Do They Differ From Yellow Ones

Bananas are one of the most tastiest and beloved fruits worldwide, which people love to eat – thanks to their sweetness and nutritious content. Be it the yellow banana or the red banana, people love to have a bite every day! But did you know that the red banana is gaining huge popularity over the yellow one due to its unique taste and potential health benefits that can help people be better healthwise?

In this article, we will explore the top six benefits of eating the red banana over the yellow one and how beneficial it is for the overall well-being of the person.

How Red Bananas Benefit You?

6 Health Benefits Of Red Bananas
  • The red banana is known for its nutritious value

Although all bananas are rich in nutrients, the red one has something better – it has some of the most essential nutrients that can support the immune system and also regulate brain health. You can get a lot of vitamins like vitamin C, and vitamin B6 to be on the better track of health along with a good content of dietary fibre which will not only help your stool. Be smooth, but also promote a healthy gut along with digestion.

  • The red bananas are also called natural antioxidants of nature

Red colour is of course a colour of goodness as it indicates one of the most essential things required for the human body – antioxidants. The red colour makes sure that the banana has a high rate of antioxidants which will neutralise the free radicals in the body. They will also protect you from oxidative stress and protect yourself from an overdose. The red bananas contain beta carotene and anthocyanins which are known for their antioxidant properties- let’s grab a bite now.

  • Red bananas help regulate good heart health

The red bananas will give you a good source of potassium which will regulate the blood pressure and proper functionality of the heart. They will balance the sodium and potassium levels in the diet and also contribute to better cardiovascular health. Of course, it is tasty which will help you achieve this Balance as you won’t stop yourself from eating a red banana.

  • The red banana regulates blood sugar

Red bananas also have a low glycaemic index which will help you guys to regulate your blood sugar levels. If you want to manage your diabetes, eat red bananas and see how it works wonders. The fibre content in the banana will also store down the absorption of sugar and help you deal with diabetes.

  • Red bananas help to regulate digestion

The red banana has a high fibre content which will help your body to digest everything easily. They have a soluble fibre which will soft the stools and support the regular stomach movements – it will prevent constipation and will act as a barrier. There are a lot of prebiotics present in the red bananas, which will help in the growth of the Bacteria and will regulate the overall digestion and well-being. It will also cause acidity inside the stomach which can be one of the most common concerns today.

  • Red bananas will give you an energy boost

The red bananas are called good energy boosters that will provide a quick and natural energy source which is related to its carbohydrate content content. It is an excellent pre-workout snack or people can have it as a mid-day meal snack. There are a lot of natural sugars when combined with the fibre content that releases this energy.

How Do They Differ?

Although both bananas have the same nutritional values, the red ones are a little better than the yellow ones. You will see a different sweet flavour in the red bananas over the yellow ones along with the nutritional composition. The red ones have high levels of antioxidants and glycemic index. Red bananas are smaller than yellow ones which also contributes to a shorter shelf health than yellow ones.


Be the red banana or the yellow banana, both have their own set of health benefits that are not important for people to gain a healthy life. These are important to consume and one should include them in their daily diet. Red bananas are not as common as yellow ones, so make sure if you ever get a chance to eat a red banana, you don’t miss it!

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