10 Healthy Candy Options For Every Craving

10 Healthy Candy Options For Every Craving

Candy is the favourite sweet item for every kid, teen, adult, and grandparent. It tastes yummy and gives chewy, fruity, smooth and chocolatey textures to the mouth. 

Although it is made of a lot of sugar, which can affect health, many healthy candy options satisfy every craving. These candies contain fruit extracts, are low in calories and are sugar-free or very little sugar added. Here is the list of the top 10 healthy candy options to delight the heart while satisfying every craving.

Healthy And Yummy Candy Options To Delight Every Cravings

Enjoy the healthiest, sweetest and loveliest candies, satisfying every craving and making your day special. Also, it is a great indulgence to surprise your loved ones and get appreciation. Let’s see some of the candies given below-

10 Healthy Candy Options

🍫 Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar

Dark chocolate coconut bars are one of the healthiest candies that satisfy every craving without affecting health. It contains about 70 calories per serving and very low sugar. Also, these candies perfectly include ingredients like coconut, dark chocolates, milk and others.

🍫 Alter Eco Chocolate

If you love creamy and chocolatey textures, Alter eco chocolates is one of the best, healthiest, best and sweetest candy options. It is made with raw cane sugar and other natural ingredients like butter, organic dark chocolates and others. It tastes great and contains about 170 dietary fibre, vitamins and some percentage of proteins. 

🍫 Hershey’s Miniatures

Hershey’s miniatures are another great healthy candy option that will delight every craving. It is made of fresh ingredients and contains very few calories, about 200. Also, there are very few saturated fats and sodium, carbs, proteins and more. You will enjoy eating, which will help maintain healthy fat and sugar levels in the body. 

🍫 Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems

You have always tried some candies that contain artificial colours and lots of sugar, which harm health. But don’t worry, Unreal milk chocolate gems contain no artificial flavour or colours and come from natural sources like hibiscus and turmeric. 

🍫 Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bites

Endangered species dark chocolate bite is another alternative to colourful and sugary candies. It contains very little sugar, grams, fibres and more. Also, it is a healthy treat which includes saturated fats, proteins and 120 calories for 2 pieces. There is coco in these candies, which is helpful for the heart and its functioning.

🍫 Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

If you discover Justice, he is well known for their nuts, butter and speed-up cups, which are seen in almost every home. So, try the other healthy peanut butter cups containing 80% cocoa, healthy peanuts, dark chocolates, and more. You will enjoy eating with each bite, and your cravings will be naturally satisfied.

🍫 Dove Candy Bar

Explore another healthiest candy that will satisfy every heart’s sweet and salty cravings. It is best made with cacao, natural sugar, semi-sweet chocolates, milk, soy lecithin, and natural flavour. Also, this candy can be a healthy option that will not affect the heart, skin or others. 

🍫 Black Forest Gummy Bears

Enjoy the fruity textures and jelly in the black forest gummy bears, which are healthy and tasty. It is made with real fruit juice and natural ingredients. Each packet contains about 70 calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and more in these candy bars. Also, it will provide a gummy texture and a great treat to satisfy your cravings.

🍫 Tom’s And Jenny’s Caramel Candy

Tom’s and Jenny’s caramel candy looks great; the taste will delight your heart and others. It contains almost 100 calories in 5 pieces of chewing caramel flavour. Also, you will find very little sugar that does not harness your health or cause issues to the heart.

🍫 Starburst Minis 

Starburst mint candies are a great option if you are looking for 100-calorie packets in a candy. It’s made with natural ingredients like fruit juices, less sugar, chocolates, and milk. It tastes great and satisfies very sweet cravings.


Healthy candies are a great way to celebrate happy moments, enjoy sweet delicacies, and satisfy cravings. These are made with fewer calories, saturated fats, less sugar, no extra flavours and colours added and more.

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