How Can The Body Get Rid Of Titanium Dioxide?

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How Can The Body Get Rid Of Titanium Dioxide

Are you aware of the drastic side effects caused by titanium dioxide on your body? For the unknown, titanium dioxide (E171) is a synthetic food colorant that is commonly used in foods such as pastries, chocolates, candies, coffee creamers, and cake decorations. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), titanium dioxide can damage DNA, and The International Agency for Research on Cancer has listed titanium dioxide as a substance that may cause cancer. However, there is absolutely no need to lose sleep over this matter anymore. In this article, we take you through top tips on how to remove titanium dioxide from your body.

Top 5 Tips On How To Remove Titanium Dioxide From The Body

Top 5 Tips On How To Remove Titanium Dioxide From The Body

1. Alter your diet

Changing your diet would be the first step towards removing titanium dioxide from your body. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. Make sure that you include blueberries, broccoli, spinach, and kale in your diet. The benefit of eating these foods is that help neutralize your body and flush out toxins, including titanium dioxide.

When it comes to spices and herbs, the must-have items are turmeric, cilantro, and ginger which are famous for their detox abilities. It is equally important to stay hydrated. Sip water with a twist of cucumber or lemon and drink herbal teas such as dandelion, nettle, and green tea so that it aids in removing titanium dioxide from your body.

2. Go for a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

A type of sauna, a full-spectrum infrared sauna uses heaters that emit far infrared, mid-infrared, and near-infrared types of infrared radiation. When you do a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, it helps detox and get rid of toxins from the human body. Choose a proper binder and Zeolite is best recommended for the removal of titanium dioxide. It is a natural volcanic mineral lying in deposits across the western half of the United States.

3. Make lifestyle changes

Do regular exercise. The reason is that exercise enables blood pumping and makes you sweat which ultimately leads to the elimination of toxins. Go for a brisk walk, do yoga, or dance around. Also, make sure that you get adequate sleep. Aim for quality sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night. Good sleep aids in repairing and recharging your body and lets your natural detox systems work efficiently.   

4. Increase the intake of essential vitamins and minerals

Do you know that Vitamin C is quite effective in getting rid of toxins, including titanium dioxide? Consume lots of oranges, berries, and bell peppers that contain high amounts of Vitamin C. Zinc and selenium have also been proven to aid your liver in eliminating toxins such as titanium dioxide. To make the utmost use of it, eat foods such as seafood, pumpkin seeds, and Brazil nuts. When it comes to supplements, consume herbs such as burdock root, milk thistle, and dandelion root. However, before buying supplements, consult with a doctor regarding the right dosage. 

5. Follow specific detoxification methods

Depending on your body parts, the detoxification methods also vary. To detox your respiratory system, do deep breathing exercises and perform steam inhalations with essential oils. For a healthy gut, increase the intake of foods rich in fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes so that it ultimately leads to the removal of toxins, including titanium dioxide. Also, note that skincare is quite important in eliminating the accumulation of titanium dioxide. Do dry brushing, exfoliate regularly, and also use natural clay masks.


Hope the article offers less known information about how to remove titanium dioxide from your body. Apart from the 5 top tips mentioned above, exercise caution while buying packaged foods that you eat often. Look for the code “E171” on ingredient labels so that you can stay away from food that contain titanium dioxide. For your information, some of the popular products such as Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts, Jell-O, and Little Debbie baked goods contain the harmful additive. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure and being careful while shopping is one of the best preventive methods to get yourself protected from the harmful side effects of titanium dioxide. 

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