How To Gain Face Fat? 8 Natural Ways!

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How To Gain Face Fat

Are you searching on the internet for tips to gain face fat? Though some teenagers prefer chiseled cheekbones, many like you are desperate to put on face fat. In this article, we take you through the top 8 tried and tested techniques to gain face fat.

Top 8 Tips To Gain Face Fat

If you’re looking to enhance your facial features through natural means, consider incorporating these tips that promote overall health and may contribute to a fuller appearance on the face.

Top 8 Tips To Gain Face Fat

1. Eat a well-balanced diet

Make sure that you eat a well-balanced diet to achieve soft, chubby cheeks. Add foods such as milk, apples, honey, carrots, oats, nuts, and healthy fats to your daily diet. Also, have dark chocolate, eggs, and avocado so that it helps you gain face fat quickly.

2. Consume aloe vera

Aloe vera contains antioxidants such as  Vitamins C, E, and vitamin B12 that help boost the production of collagen in your body. Furthermore, it is the free radicals that cause wrinkles on your skin. By eating aloe, the antioxidants present in it help neutralize free radicals.

3. Do facial exercises

One of the best ways to achieve plumpy cheeks to is do facial exercises, also known as facial yoga. Facial exercises work in such a way that they strengthen, tone, and firm your facial muscles. These exercises also boost circulation to your face and skin. Try doing the below exercises regularly.

  • Open your lips, make an ‘O’ shape, and smile. Ensure that your head is still while doing this. Now with your index fingers, move your cheeks up and down. Continue doing this for 30 seconds followed by 5-6 repetitions.
  • Sit still and fill your cheeks with maximum air. This should be done by keeping your lips close. Stay in the same position for 30 seconds and slowly release the air. Do a repetition of 5 times.

4. Apply aloe

As you know, aloe vera is used in cosmetics, gels, and creams due to its medicinal properties. The advantage of aloe vera is that it reduces the signs of wrinkles and provides your skin with a plump look. When you apply aloe vera on your skin, it works as a moisturizer, helps bind moisture to your skin, and reduces the fine lines. Moreover, the presence of the antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E helps provide a more youthful-looking skin. 

5. Use rose water and glycerine serum

Glycerine is one of the best remedies to tighten pores and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. On the other hand, rose water comes with the benefit of cleansing your skin and reducing acne and pimples

Mix 8-10 tsp of rose water with 12 tsp of undiluted thick glycerine and make a serum. Store the solution in a container and refrigerate it, Apply this solution at night before going to sleep. 

6. Apply honey and papaya paste

Honey can do wonders for your skin because of its moisturizing and antibacterial properties. Take equal quantities of honey and papaya paste and prepare a face mask. Rub the mixture on your cheeks and leave it for 10 minutes. Later, wash it off with warm water.

7. Apply milk

Many people believe that applying milk to the cheeks will clean and moisturize them. It is the presence of water, fat, and proteins in milk that makes them think so. Furthermore, dairy milk contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid common in skin care products. Studies show that they aid in stimulating new cell growth and eliminating dead skin cells.

8. Use apple skin care products

Do you know that apple is rich in collagen, elastin, and antioxidants? It may be due to these factors that many prefer skin care products made using apples as an ingredient. Try applying an apple mask that you can make pretty easily at home. Grate an apple and rub it on your face. Let it stay there for 20 minutes. Later, wash it off gently using water.


In this social media era, a chubby cheek is one of the most sought-after aspects. Gaining face fat will no doubt make you more charming. Follow the 8 top tips discussed above religiously so that you can gain face fat quickly. Moreover, all of these techniques are natural and do not do any harm to your skin.

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