How To Keep Your Bladder Healthy? 8 Practical Tips

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How To Keep Your Bladder Healthy

The adult human body contains about 60% water, and everybody is familiar with that, but did you know that organs are mostly made up of water as well? When it comes to your bladder, there are not many people who have a completely healthy one. The urinary bladder is a sensitive hollow organ that responds to pain that comes from urine collected in it. 

The function of this organ is to release all the urine through the anus from time to time. Coming in regular contact with bacteria and urea can damage the bladder and leak urine through its walls. There are preventions from bladder damage that you are going to learn here.

8 Effective Tips For A Healthy Bladder

A healthy bladder is always related to your lifestyle and diet choices; controlling your nutrition and hygiene will ensure you a healthy bladder. The urinary bladder is an elastic organ that enables it to hold as much urine as it can.

8 Effective Tips For A Healthy Bladder

As we grow older, the elasticity also goes away, and it becomes more rigid, losing the property to control urine for long. For that, you need prevention to keep your bladder elastic and healthy for longer. Here are some tips that will keep your bladder healthy:

1. Drink Enough Water

Our body is mainly built from water, and organs use water to sustain any damage and repair itself. You can start drinking enough water for your body weight to take care of your organs, including your bladder. Drinking enough water regularly will maintain its health and hygiene.

2. Limit Alcohol And Caffeine Consumption

Alcohol and caffeine intake can make you urinate more than normal times. Alcohol remains can be harsh on the bladder walls as it mostly gets secreted out of the body. The major problem that occurs is the leaking of urine internally, which can cause infections. Limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption can help with that.

3. Quit Your Smoking

Smoking is not only harmful to your lungs, but it also affects your bladder as well. There are many patients who have acquired genital cancer due to excessive smoking. Regular smoking reduces the function of your immune system, which leads to less bacterial disposal in your bladder as well and can cause damage.

4. Do Kegal Exercises

Exercise is always beneficial for your health, but to strengthen your bladder, you can opt for kegel exercises. These exercises are mainly done on the floor and consist of stretches and some hip thrusts. Add these exercises to your daily routine to maintain your bladder’s health.

5. Watch Your Diet

Diet plays an important role in hygiene and regularity in your urinal system. The bladder needs proper nutrition to stay flexible and hold your urine properly. Add protein, vitamins, and fiber-rich foods to your daily diet. There are food items like bananas, peaches, meat, and potatoes that your bladder will fall in love with.

6. Exercise Regularly

Excess weight can lead to harm to your bladder. When it comes to optimal weight, you can do a BMI test and start doing some exercises with a proper diet. This will help you lose some fat above your pubic area and relieve the pressure build-up on your bladder.

7. Maintain Your Hygiene

Hygiene is the most important factor that decides your bladder’s health. While urinating, take your time to empty the bladder completely and clean the genitalia afterward. Always urinate after intercourse as well to reduce the possibility of any type of infection.

8. Don’t Wait Too Much

People tend to wait too long before going to pee sometimes and hold their urine for long. This is harmful for the bladder as it will have to expand more than its capacity to contain more fluid in that time. Try to empty your tank oftentimes and completely to avoid any damage.

Wrap Up

There will always be little damage done to your bladder due to a rough lifestyle and diet, which heals quite easily. When it comes to serious problems, you need to take care of your bladder to prevent them. All the mentioned tips are well-researched and proven by research and studies done by experts. You can choose to follow a healthy lifestyle now or regret it later with a ruptured bladder.

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