Hyperspermia In Men: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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Hyperspermia In Men Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Hyperspermia is the condition where men release large amounts of semen during ejaculation. It is opposite to Hypospermia, where males tend to release less volume of semen during orgasm. The average level of semen ejaculated during sex is 2.5 ml, but the person facing hyperspermia can release 5.5 ml, which can be caused by various reasons.

Though this condition doesn’t affect the health of men, it can create various sexual issues that need to be diagnosed as soon as possible. So, go through the article to find out the most common symptoms of hyperspermia, its causes, and the treatment to eliminate this problem.

8 Symptoms Of Hyperspermia In Men

Hyperspermia is one of the rare conditions that is found only in men. Due to its rareness, many people don’t know how to know whether they are suffering from hyperspermia or not. In this regard, here are the 8 points that can help you to identify the symptoms and guide you to consult a professional.

Hyperspermia In Men
  • Hyperspermia creates difficulties for men to get their partner pregnant.
  • They also have higher sexual drive than normal people.
  • The sperm colour turns yellow, which is a symptom of sperm disorder.
  • Some people may also experience unbearable pain during ejaculation.
  • A delay in reaching organisms due to the thick consistency of semen is also a symptom of hyperspermia.
  • The person may get fatigued or experience weakness post-intercourse.
  • After weakness and fatigue, some people also drizzle after sex.
  • Last is the stretchiness or tightness of the penis, while ejaculation is the symptom of hyperspermia.

Things That Can Cause Hyperspermia

The studies have not found the exact reason for high sperm levels, but some research has shown that factors that may cause abnormal semen ejaculation. Here are some of the reasons that you must know to avoid its consequences.

  • The first and most common factor of Hyperspermia is the gap between sexual activities, which potentially increases the sperm count.
  • Some types of medication, like pills that improve sexual performance, may also increase the semen level.
  • Besides these medications, the use of steroids may also be one of the reasons for hyperspermia.
  • Your diet also plays an important role in increasing sperm levels, as consuming food containing high fibre, protein, and other nutrients can boost the fluid level.
  • Some professionals also believe that infection in the prostate gland can create dysfunction in sperm production.
  • In some cases, fluctuation in hormones such as testosterone can increase semen production, which may lead to hyerspermia.
  • Last is the genetic predisposition, which can create variation in semen in some individuals and cause hyperspermia.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Hyperspermia

There is no proof of the fertility of men, but in some cases, the increased semen may have less sperm in their ejaculated fluid. In such a situation, the person needs to be diagnosed and treated by a professional healthcare provider. They usually conduct a physical examination and ask for the following tests to suggest the proper treatment.

  • Hormone Test: This test is mainly used to identify the cause of infertility through monitoring and screening.
  • Semen Analysis: Second is the semen analysis test, which is also called the seminogram, which is basically used to evaluate the male semen to analyze the sperm content in the fluid.
  • Imaging: If the doctor finds anything unusual in the reproductive system, they may suggest you have imaging tests like ultrasound for your testicles or other parts of the reproductive system.

After going through all these tests, the doctor will analyse your report to examine infertility. If found, then they may prescribe medications to increase the sperm level. In some cases, the healthcare profession may also perform sperm retrieval techniques such as percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) to boost sperm production. They usually attach the needle to a syringe into the epididymis to remove the fluid from the prostate gland.

Final Words

Hyperspermia is one of those conditions that are rare in men but can cause various sexual problems. Though the semen production increases, it may contain less sperm in the fluid, which makes it difficult to make your partner pregnant. Other than this, it may cause various issues like pain during ejaculation, fatigue during intercourse, and yellow colour sperm disorder and professional treatment to counter this problem.

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