How Does The Ice Hack Help To Loss Belly Fat?

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How Does The Ice Hack Help To Loss Belly Fat

Ice hack, also known as ice diet, recently became popular due to viral posts on TikTok. Many people have claimed that ice is a new and effective dietary solution to lose weight within a very few days. According to them, you don’t need to follow any strict diet or do workouts daily to burn your excessive fats.

Well, it may seem one of the easiest ways to burn your extra fat, but unfortunately, it is just a marketing strategy for the brand “Alpine Ice Diet”. The company produces dietary supplements full of ingredients derived from the Himalayas that can help people lose belly fat. You just need to add this white powder to a glass of water with an ice cube to burn extra calories, the company claims.

But Alpine Ice Hack has no connection with the ice or body temperature; it is just a brand promotion to introduce their new product to the market. But the question here arises: Does ice really help reduce belly fat, or is it just a myth? To find the reality, you need to understand the relationship between body temperature and weight.

The Relation Between Body Temperature And Weight Loss

You have to know first that body temperature is inversely correlated with body mass. This means the colder body temperature makes it difficult to heat the body from the inside, which is likely to burn more calories during the process. This process also speeds up the metabolic rate and tends to reduce excess body fat that is stored in the body.

The Concept Of Ice For Weight Loss

But body temperature and weight are complex topics that can vary due to various factors. It may depend on the gender as the metabolic rate works differently. Also, the temperature of a body may increase on the basis of age, time, weather conditions, and the area in which you are living. Apart from these factors, your body temperature also increases when you are in stress or tell a lie.

So, there is no exact evidence that body temperature can help you to lose or gain weight. Then what is the role of ice in losing belly fat, as the ice hack diet suggests? To understand more, let’s understand the significance of ice or cold water in our fat loss.

The Concept Of Ice For Weight Loss

As we have discussed earlier, metabolic rate is influenced by the body temperature to some extent. The concept behind it is to freeze body fat so that your body uses energy to heat internally and burn extra calories. This idea has been coined from sports where athletes drink cold water during workouts, which slowdown increases the body temperature, which reduces metabolic rates.

Well, this concept is partially true as cold exposure has negligible impact on the metabolism and may also have opposite effects. A few animal studies have also found that the colder body temperature can slow down the metabolic rate and make weight loss difficult. Therefore, consuming ice or drinking cold water alone can’t help you lose your belly, as you need to exercise daily and follow a healthy diet.

Some people also use ice packs for the stomach or targeted areas to burn fat and reduce weight. Hence, this can be more dangerous as it can cause frostbite and even lead to various health issues. Only treatments like CoolSculpting can help eliminate stubborn fats if handled by professionals.

Final Words

The above studies clearly suggest that ice and losing a belly have no direct relation. It is all about the ingredients that are used in the alpine ice hack diet that have the potential to reduce your extra calories. However, according to the FDA report, the ingredients used in this supplement have minimal impact on maintaining the required body temperature and helping in weight loss.

Therefore, the healthcare professional suggests that following a diet that helps boost your metabolic rate and exercising daily are effective ways to lose fat. Instead of following such a product, change your lifestyle first. Follow a healthy diet that can help you gain your dream body. For more, you can also consult a healthcare professional or dietitian to follow an effective routine to work on your health.

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