What Is Insulin Resistance? Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

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What Is Insulin Resistance Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Insulin resistance is a condition in which your cells, tissue, and muscles lose thier capability of absorbing glucose from your blood. This problem is often found in people above the age of 45. There can be various reasons for it, different symptoms, and treatments. Thus, this article explores them and can help you to control and treat insulin resistance.

Causes Of Insulin Resistance

Overweight and excessive fat can be a cause of insulin resistance. The excess fat around the belly is called visceral fat, which can be the reason for insulin resistance. For males, a waistline above 40 inches and for females, more than 35 inches of waistline can be a considerable cause for insulin resistance.

Causes Of Insulin Resistance

Excessive weight can be due to an unhealthy diet and too much-processed foods, which include saturated and trans fats. This can boost unhealthy weight gain, which will ultimately lead to insulin resistance.

Moreover, having less physical activity is also a reason for insulin resistance. Doing physical activity helps your muscles absorb the insulin; thus, a lack of physical workouts or activity will result in weight gain and will contribute to insulin resistance. 

Further, hormonal imbalance can also be a cause of insulin resistance. This is because our body makes hundreds of hormones, which are important for different functions of our body. They carry signals through blood to organs, muscles, and tissue to perform any function.

Symptoms Of Insulin Resistance

Identifying insulin resistance at the right time is crucial as it can get worse over time as cells in the pancreas that make insulin can wear out. So, one of the symptoms through which insulin resistance can be identified is dark skin patches on your armpits, back, and neck. This condition is called acanthosis nigricans in medical terms. 

Further, another sign by which you can find insulin resistance is excessive fat around the belly and an overweight waistline. The excess weight can reduce your capability to perform physical activities, which will result in more weight gain and fat.

Often, feelings of hunger can also be a sign of insulin resistance as it reduces the absorption of glucose in your muscles and blood. This makes you lose your energy fast and makes you feel hungry too often for a short period of time.

Another symptom of insulin resistance is the slow healing of Injuries. This is because insulin is the hormone of our body that converts glucose into energy. Thus, when insulin resistance prevents the absorption of glucose in blood and muscles, it affects the wound healing process.

In addition, insulin resistance can have other symptoms, such as frequent urination, headaches, increased thirst, and small skin growth. It is better to consult a doctor and get yourself diagnosed in case of any doubt.

Insulin Resistance Treatments

There is not any proven treatment to cure insulin resistance. However, one can reduce and prevent it by following a healthy lifestyle routine. This can be eating a healthy diet such as fiber-rich foods, including good sources of nutrients in your meals. Avoid having excessive carbohydrates, sugar, fatty foods, and red meat in order to control insulin resistance.

Further, insulin resistance can be controlled by regular exercise and working out every day. Try going to the gym, playing some sports, and indulging in activities such as badminton, cycling, swimming, and walking. 

Moreover, losing weight is also good in order to reduce insulin resistance. You can practice yoga daily or play any of your favorite sports to control your weight. Besides, to reduce belly fat, perform planks, skip ropes, do bicycle crunches, etc.

In addition, you must seek a consultation from a doctor if you want to personalize treatment plans and find more ways to control insulin resistance. Hence, though, there is no proven treatment for insulin resistance, but daily exercise, indulging in physical activity, and having a proper diet can help you reduce and control insulin resistance. 

Wrap Up

Insulin resistance can be a serious problem if overlooked, so it is important to pay attention to insulin resistance and control it. So, understanding various causes, symptoms, and treatments can help in preventing or reducing insulin resistance. So, it is always recommended to have a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients to remain healthy.

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