What Is The Klinio Diet Plan? Everything You Need To Know!

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What Is The Klinio Diet Plan Everything You Need To Know!

In the world of this continuous race of being fit and looking the best, people are turning more and more towards dieting. Every year, there is a new diet trend that follows and people go crazy for that. At one time it was keto and the next, everyone was into intermittent fasting. Which is the latest diet plan everyone is following? That’s not all. People are downloading all kinds of fitness apps to keep their calorie intake and workout routine in check. Among them is an app that has garnered a lot of attention. The name is Klinio diet. What is it and is the diet plan application effective? This is everything you have to know about Klinio.

Launched in 2019 by Gary Scheiner, Klinio is an application that has helped several people across the world. Gary is an exercise physiologist and a certified diabetes educator. He felt the need to launch this subscription-based app due to his personal experiences. Gary has type 1 diabetes.

What Does The Klinio Diet Plan Do?

The app is based on subscriptions and tracks your medications, HbA1c, and blood sugar level. But that’s not all. Klinio also claims that it can help with your weight loss journey.

Once you subscribe to the application, you get access to a large number of personalised meals, workouts, and tracking features. You can set a target for your daily macronutrients and calorie count so that there is never an overconsumption.

Klinio Diet Plan

What does the subscription give you?

There are 3 kinds of diet plans you can choose from –

Every diet plan will come with a set of micronutrients and calories that you have to hit. This will depend on your personalised fitness goals and current health. The app will track all your activities and meals so that the targets can be achieved more easily.

That’s not all. Klinio diet plan also has a list of thousands of recipes and grocery lists. There are many educational resources that you can access from the application. One of the main features of this application is blood sugar tracking. Once you have entered your blood sugar level, you can do it as frequently as you want to keep a check on the same.

Klinio app has a separate purchase option for a supplement. This is called the Weight Loss Fuel. As claimed by the owners of Klinio App, the supplement helps reduce your appetite and boost weight loss process. It also helps decrease the low-density cholesterol levels in your body.

If you are following the Klinio app, these are the food items you should skip –

  • Packaged snacks and beverages
  • Processed and refined cereals
  • Food with trans fat in it
  • Flavoured coffee and tea
  • Fruit juices
  • Syrups – maple, agave, and honey
  • Dried fruit
  • Sweet and flavoured yoghurt
  • French fries or other fried items
  • White bread, rice, and pasta

In a nutshell, any food which is processed should not be a part of your diet plan.

Benefits of following Klinio Diet Plan

Although the Klinio diet is not backed up by a lot of research, there are still some benefits that may prove to be true.

  1. Improved motivation: Once you start tracking your fitness journey and meal plans, there is a sense of motivation and devotion to the whole plan. You start sticking to your routine and see the results slowly.
  2. Creates an infrastructure: The app gives you guidelines on what to do and what not to do. This creates a proper structure to be followed. You start opting for healthier versions.
  3. Encourages healthy options: Once you start using a diet app like Klinio, you get attracted to healthier meal options. You include food items like fruits, vegetables, pulses, and meat in your diet.

Cost of the Klinio App Subscription

Lastly, what we need to know is how much we have to pay for the subscription. The app is available for 2, 4, and 6 month subscription plans.

2-month plan will cost $33

4-month plan will cost $66

6-month plan will cost $99

Once you have signed up successfully, you can start enjoying the benefits.

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