Lettuce Water: A Natural Remedy For Better Sleep?

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Lettuce Water A Natural Remedy For Better Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our daily life, and you might be familiar with the fact that we spend almost one-third of our lifetime sleeping. Even then, if you have trouble sleeping at night, there is something wrong with your body, whether it’s physical or mental; your lifestyle and diet decide that. 

Lack of sleep always interferes with your day and makes you lethargic and less productive. Anyway, you might be wondering what you are going to learn here about sleep and its relation to lettuce water. Here, you’ll learn about the effects of lettuce water on your sleep, along with expert’s opinions.

Possible Effects Of Lettuce Water On Humans

As you might know, a hormone named melatonin is responsible for inducing sleep in us. And, due to external reasons, the production of this hormone might get interrupted and make you lose sleep. Drinking lettuce water to make you sleep is now a trending activity that many social media influencers are promoting. But, as we know, not everything we see online is true.  So, let’s dig deeper and get to know the possible effects of lettuce water on your sleep.

Relation Between Lettuce Water And Sleep

1. Probable Effects Of Inducing Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is necessary for you to get recharged and go along with another day of your life. If you are losing that sleep time, then ingesting lettuce or drinking its water to get back your sleep is not necessarily going to affect you much. Lettuce has a compound called lactucarium, which is effective in making you sleepy, but lettuce has a very small quantity of it.

2. Effects Of Lactucarium

You might be wondering what lactucarium is. This is a compound that is found in lettuce and some other green leafy vegetables. Romain lettuce is a type of lettuce that has more lactucarium in comparison to its other relatives.

3. Lactucin Contents

Lactucin is a substance found in the lactucarium of lettuce and has sedative properties. Drinking enough lettuce water can insert a small amount of lactucin in your blood and give you a little buzz, which may increase your chances of getting sleepy afterwards.

A Doctor’s Opinion On Lettuce Water And Sleep

Here is what doctors and experts think about drinking lettuce water to sleep. Doctors say that lettuce might give you the effect of a placebo as it is going viral on social media. But, talking about its real effects on your body, four to five leaves of lettuce can’t make you sleep at all. According to experts, Sleep should be a natural process and should not be induced using any medication or stimulants.

1. Eat Better

According to all the doctors and experts, there are only a few things that usually affect your sleep, and one of those things is your diet. When you have a poor diet choice in your lifestyle, your body can show some side effects, which may result in your insomnia. Start eating healthy food consisting of protein, fibre, minerals and other essential amino acids. 

2. Drink Something Else

When thinking about drinking lettuce water to get your sleep, experts recommend that you drink something that is more efficient, like honey water or simply warm water. Don’t drink much water before sleep, as it may wake you up to go urinating in the middle of the night. 

3. Be Physically Active

Being active always works in your favour, whether it’s in removing toxins from your body or making you lose fat. Do some exercise before going to bed; it will make your muscles a little sore and might give you a good night’s sleep.

4. Be Frivolous

Being tension-free and stress-free makes your brain work better, removes brain fog and increases your productivity. Take your daily tasks seriously in the daytime and lose the entire workload before bedtime. You need to be frivolous to have your brain produce enough melatonin to give you a good sleep.

Wrapping Up

Insomnia is a common problem among people nowadays; one in three adults worldwide is an insomniac and can’t get proper sleep at night. Lettuce water might be getting popular on social media and the internet, but it’s not that effective in giving you sleep. According to doctors and experts, you’ll need to eat a large amount of lettuce to feel sleepy. So, eat healthy and be active to improve your sleep.

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