What Is The Link Between Coffee And Weight Loss? What Study Say? 

What Is The Link Between Coffee And Weight Loss

According to the general perception, it is believed that drinking coffee and other beverages including tea may cause weight gain. This is based on the fact that a majority of people consume tea and coffee by adding sugar to it.

Having sugar on a daily basis along with anything in your daily meals or drinks can cause obvious weight gain in individuals. But the thing would get reversed if you are consuming unsweetened coffee. This is applicable both in the case of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee.

This article is all you need to know about the relationship between weight loss and coffee according to a scientific study conducted recently. It would help you have a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which you should have coffee for weight loss according to the scientific findings obtained from the study.

Is Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is the publisher that revealed the study and its interesting findings about the links between coffee and weight loss. According to them, the study has been conducted among 100,000 people. And it took over a period of 4 years to reach the conclusion and findings of the study.

According to the study, the subjects of the study expressed a significant reduction in their weight gain pattern after consuming coffee regularly for a consistent period of time.

The study also had a comparative nature since it also included people consuming coffee with one teaspoon of sugar every day to analyze their weight gain or weight loss pattern in relation to those who did not add sugar. From this, a significant weight gain could be found in the ones who added sugar.

The Link Between Coffee And Weight Loss

Another significant and surprising finding of the study is that when added sugar, the subjects belonging to the young ages, as well as those having an obese physical structure expressed a greater tendency to gain weight sooner with more intensity. Just like sugar was a major ingredient of study, whiteners including cream, milk, and milk powders were also analyzed.

However, they do not seem to have any effect on the weight loss or weight gain pattern expressed by the people involved in the study. This is regardless of the dairy and non-dairy whiteners preferred by the individuals who participated in the study. Thus it was found that the only decisive ingredient in the consumption of coffee is just the sweeteners.

Thus studies have found that coffee has major weight loss benefits even if it is caffeinated or decaffeinated. The addition of sugar to the drink is found to reduce the benefits of coffee, especially its weight loss features.

Moreover, coffee is also found to be a beverage that may increase the life expectancy in individuals. But it is also found that this advantage would only work if the coffee is consumed without sugar on a daily basis.

During the study period, the people who consumed coffee without sugar had a comparatively lower mortality rate, which can be considered a bonus finding of the study conducted.

Moreover, the reasons behind this advantageous relationship between unsweetened coffee and weight loss have been further analyzed to know the reasons behind the effects.

Accordingly, it has been found that coffee tends to suppress appetite in individuals which prevents people from overeating and thus gaining weight unnecessarily.

Apart from that coffee is also found to enhance the metabolic rate in the individuals which can also be found to be beneficial for steady weight loss in individuals.

People who have consumed caffeinated coffee tend to develop cravings for sugary food items and sweetened coffee and it was quite difficult to stick to the routine of having coffee without adding sugar for them.

Another important reason why unsweetened coffee promotes weight loss is that it does not contain any calories to add to the daily calorie count of an individual. Thus it would help them have the required energy without adding to the calories and thus gain unwanted weight.

Now, you have a clear understanding regarding the intake of coffee and the negative and positive effects it may bring you while having it sweetened and unsweetened, and also the reasons behind the same. Hence make sure you consume coffee in the right way if you would like to have it for specific weight loss benefits. 

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