The Link Between Lyme Disease And Joint Pain: What You Need to Know

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The Link Between Lyme Disease And Joint Pain

As people grow older, their joint pain increases. People usually take it casually, but sometimes it might not be just the simple joint pain, but possibly the Lyme disease. People all over the world suffer from arthritis and other bone-related conditions, but when it comes to Lyme disease, it is not that widely spread among the population. 

Lyme arthritis is a disease caused by Lyme bacteria that enters your body through tick bites and gets to your joints, resulting in weaker bones. If you are keen to learn more about this disease, then keep reading as you are going to get all the necessary information about it in further paras.

An Overview Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is mainly caused when an infected tick bites you and the bacteria enters your bloodstream. Getting to your joints, these bacteria start to feed on your bone’s surface and gradually weaken them. The result is you feel pain in your joints, and it becomes hard for you to move the affected joint significantly.

Lyme Disease And Its Connection To Joint Pain

One out of every four cases of Arthritis comes with a Lyme infection in their joints. Anyway, here are a few symptoms that can be seen in a person if he/she suffers the infection and feels pain in their joints. Take a look:

Common Symptoms

There are a few common signs of Lyme arthritis that can be seen in patients, such as high fever, headache, fatigue, and mainly skin rashes called erythema migrans. When a person suffers from Lyme arthritis, he/she feels immense pain in their joints for a period of time several times a day. If left untreated for longer, there can possibly be permanent damage done to your joints and can be irreversible.

Possible Treatments

Opting for treatments is absolutely necessary for the patient as it can result in the spreading of infection in the joints, heart, and nervous system. This can cause permanent damage to your motor and cardiovascular functions. Prescribed medication and drugs are the only remedies for early-stage infections in the patient. 

Doxycycline, amoxicillin, and cefuroxime are some of the anti-inflammation drugs that an expert or doctor will recommend to an adult. Children under the age of 8 years are recommended with the same medications but with lower doses.

How Does Lyme Disease Affect Your Joints?

People who have contracted the Lyme infection get waves of joint pain every now and then. The main reason for the pain is the Lyme bacteria’s infestation in the joint tissues, which causes inflammation in the muscles as well. When the arthritis is in its early stages, the patient may suffer from migratory musculoskeletal joint pain. Other areas like bursae, muscles, tendons, and bones are also affected by this disease. The pain usually lasts for hours or days at a time, gradually increasing the pain in the infected locations.

Usually, the effects are seen in only one side of the patient, and the patient stays fit on the other side of the body. When the infection in your joint tissues and muscles enters the later stages, there is only one option left for the patients, which is to ingest antibiotics for a certain period of time to kill the bacteria in the joints. Usually, it takes up to several months for your joints to be completely revived from the damage and for you to get relief from the symptoms.

Summing Up

Generally, Lyme arthritis is mistaken for septic arthritis in children. Septic arthritis is usually treated with surgical methods, whereas Lyme arthritis doesn’t need any surgical intervention and is treated with antibiotics. PCR is an adjunctive diagnostic test to determine Lyme arthritis in the patient. As it is a DNA identification process, it should be the last test to diagnose the condition. Anyway, the above details and information have been well-researched and mentioned by the experts in research and studies. 

Tick bites cause several diseases in people all over the world, and several deaths are also related to the infections caused by them. Have a healthy and clean environment around yourself and your family members to avoid any tick infestations near you. Use cleaners containing pesticides to disinfect your backyard every now and then.

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