Lower Right Abdomen Pain: When To Be Concerned About This Pain?

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Lower Right Abdomen Pain

The human body consists of several organs, and based on their functions, they are further classified. The digestive system consists of the mouth, small intestine, large intestine, appendix, and anus.

The abdomen is a section that lies between the chest and pelvis and is further divided into four parts. One such area is the lower right abdomen, which contains an appendix and part of the small and large intestines.

However, in females, some reproductive organs are also included in the right abdomen, such as the right ovary and right urinary duct. 

From the above stanza, it is clear that the right abdomen comprises some essential body organs, and if there is pain in such an area, it means something is wrong with those organs.

So, it is essential to know about them if you are going through sharp pain in the lower right abdomen  

Key Reasons Behind Sharp Pain In Lower Right Abdomen

There are several reasons behind the pain in the lower right abdomen, some of which last for a few hours, and some need medications for cure.

For instance, if you have bloating, then there will be pain in that area that will vanish after hours, but if you have a kidney stone, then you will have to go for treatment to get relief.

The pain depends on the organs that got infected, so you need to know the cause of the pain in the lower right abdomen.

To know the perfect reasons behind the pain, it is essential to examine the organs associated with the right abdomen, so let’s start with an appendix.

It is a small tube joined with a large intestine whose role in the digestive system is still under scan, but some scientists believe that an appendix stores good bacteria, which is good for gut health.

But, if there is an inflammation in this small hollow tube (appendix), then you will face severe pain in the lower right abdomen, and if it bursts, then you will have to visit a hospital.

So, pain due to the appendix can’t be ignored, and it’s always advised to consult a doctor regarding the pain in such an area.

The next organ that can cause pain is the kidney, and we all know that it purifies blood and removes toxins from the body. But if there is an infection in this organ, either by bacteria or other microorganisms, then you will feel pain in the lower right abdomen.

In addition, if there is a kidney stone, which means an accumulation of some minerals around the kidney, you will also suffer from pain. 

The other causes of pain in the lower right abdomen are indigestion, bloating, hernia, and others. More interestingly, these reasons are common for both men and women, but there are some additional causes for women.

The prime one is menstruation, which is natural and comes every month and lasts for 4-5 days; during that period, the pain is very severe, but it does not last long enough and won’t require any medications for cure. 

In the ovary, cysts (a sac containing fluid) are formed every month, which helps in the production of hormones. If the size of ovarian cysts increases and get ruptured, then it causes pain in the lower right abdomen. The other reasons behind such pain in those regions are chronic conditions, PID, and pregnancy.

Reasons Behind Pain In Lower Right Abdomen

Treatment That Can Give Relief From The Lower Right Abdomen Pain

The treatment also depends on the cause of pain in the lower right abdomen. For instance, if the cause of the pain is abdominal gas, then you can go with home remedies, such as consumption of herbal tea or mint tea, ginger tea, and others.

However, if the pain is due to an appendix or kidney stone, then you must consult a doctor. Now, the question arises: When should you seek the assistance of a doctor? If pain reaches the chest or jaw, suffering from high fever and frequent vomiting, then in such cases, you must rush to a hospital.


Abdominal pain is not a serious issue unless it is related to essential organs, such as the kidney or appendix. In most cases, the lower right abdominal pain arises due to indigestion, gas, menstruation, and others.

The pain due to these factors can be cured with home remedies, such as drinking ginger tea and consuming clove capsules.

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