What Are The Main Causes Of A UTI In A Woman?

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What Are The Main Causes Of A UTI In A Woman

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common problem in a woman, which happens in the urinary system like bladders, kidneys, urethra, ureters, and others. It is caused by various factors such as infection, wearing different fiber clothes, and others. Also, many symptoms create discomfort and pain during the peeing process, give foul odor, and others. 

However, if you are suffering and are unaware of the causes or the treatment of UTI, then you are at the right article. Here are some common problems, along with preventive tips to remain healthy with the urinary system and away from urinary infections.

7 Top Causes Of Urinary Tract Infections ( UTI) In Women

Burning feelings during peeing, irritation, itchiness, watery discharge, and others are common symptoms of urinary tract infections. It causes severe pain and sometimes leads to major health issues that require immediate consultation from a doctor. Let us see some major causes of UTI-

7 Top Causes Of Urinary Tract Infections ( UTI) In Women

1. Women Suffering From Diabetes

Diabetes is normally caused by the unresponsiveness of the pancreas, which produces insulin or changes in hormone levels in the body. It further has many complications like stress, anxiety, urinary diseases, and more. You can find the risk of urinary infections in those who are suffering from diabetes as hormones are constantly changing within the body, and they are likely to get infected by coming in contact with bacteria or germs.

2. Due To Changes In Hormone Levels Into The Body

Changing hormone levels due to menstruation, age growth, and other factors in women is the main cause of urinary tract infections. Due to these factors, there are many hormonal changes inside the body, like estrogen levels. It helps to increase the colonization of bacteria and thus increases the risk of infections.

3. Due To Pregnancy

 Pregnancy is another major cause of urinary tract infections in women due to hormonal changes, pressure of the baby, improper urination, and others. The release of progesterone is another cause of infections in the bladder or uterus. In these cases, it can lead to premature labor and discomfort.  

4. Using Different Birth Control Method Frequently

If you are using different birth control methods frequently, then it might lead to urinary tract infections.  The intake of birth control pills includes spermicide that causes tubes connecting the urinary system to pass the infections. Also, multiple uses adversely damage the urine tract by having frequent hormonal changes.  

5. The Entering Of Microorganism Into The Body

The entering of microorganisms into the body leads to infections with the intake of food, water, or unusual sexual activity. These activities allow bacteria to enter and cause infections in urinary tracts. Further, it leads to pain while urinating, causing fatigue or nausea, itchiness, and others. 

6. Getting Spinal Cord Injury

If suffering from spinal cord injury, then it is another major cause of urinary tract infections in women. The damage to the spinal cord makes the body weak as there is a lack of blood circulation in the body. It releases bacteria, causing germs in urinary glands and infections. Also, improper function of the nervous system leads to hyperactivity and infections around the bladder.

7. Weakening Of the Immune System

If you have a weak immune system, it lacks inflammatory properties, and the body cannot fight foreign infections. Further, due to a weak immune system, germs and bacteria easily enter the body and cause infections. Also, the bacteria stick inside the body through unavoidable activities, causing infections in urinary tracts in women. 

Some Of The Tips To Reduce UTI Caused In Women

  • You should avoid drinks that irritate the bladder, like coffee, soft drinks, etc, when having infections.
  • Avoid sexual activity with multiple partners and use quality-based condoms.
  • You must have a habit of proper hygiene, that is, washing off urinary parts properly before and after urination.
  • Avoiding harsh soaps can help to reduce the chances of UTI infections in the body of women. 

Bottom Line

Urinary tract infections are a common disease in women that causes irritation, discomfort, and mild pain during urination, sex, and others. With the above measures factors, there are several causes of infections prevailing in the tract of a woman. Kidney stones, urinary surgery, or certain medications are other major causes of uterine infection in urinary glands. Also, it is best treated by having personal hygiene, and if severe happens, consulting doctors would be the best choice. 

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