Male Infertility: Early Warning Signs Of Men’s Fertility Issues

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Male Infertility Early Warning Signs Of Men's Fertility Issues

It is important for both males and females to be fertile in order to conceive a child. Bad lifestyle choices have caused fertility issues in both males and females. It may sound strange to know that fertility issues in males are increasing day by day, and it not only affects sexual health and activities but also creates problems in living a normal life. 

Many males have to go through stress and depression due to their fertility issues. It is a serious concern, and if you are also dealing with fertility issues, then you should know that it can be treated. Medical science is getting more advanced with time, and specialist doctors can suggest proper treatment for your fertility issues.

We will explore some of the signs and symptoms in males that are caused due to fertility issues. When you identify your problems on time, you can enhance your lifestyle choices and get sufficient treatment that can solve your fertility issues.

What Are The Reasons For Male Infertility?

There are many things that can cause fertility issues in men, such as lifestyle choices, medical issues, environmental issues, etc. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can cause fertility issues in males, and they can also reduce your overall health condition. 

Early Warning Signs Of Men's Fertility Issues

Exposure to industrial chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, and excess heat can also cause fertility issues in males. Varicocele, celiac disease, chromosome defects, infections, and other medical issues can also cause infertility in males. You need to adopt healthy lifestyle choices in order to improve your overall health and solve fertility issues.

Exploring The Signs And Symptoms Of Male Infertility

Different men can have different signs and symptoms of fertility issues, and in some men, there are no signs of fertility issues at all. We will explore some signs and symptoms that can happen due to fertility issues. Improve your lifestyle choices and consult your doctor if you are having these signs and symptoms of fertility issues.

1. Loss Of Interest In Sexual Activities

Fertility issues in males can cause them to lose interest in sexual interest. When you are having such issues with sexual activities, you should know that it is not normal. Communicate with your partner about your loss of interest in sexual activities and consult your doctor as well.

2. Low Sperm Production

Sperm production is a natural phenomenon in adult males, which is beneficial for sexual and overall well-being. You should consult a healthcare professional to know your sperm count. If your sperm count is lower than normal, then it can be a sign of a fertility issue. You should seek medical help to know about medications and other treatments that can increase your sperm production.

3. Having Problems With Erection

Fertility issues in males can cause difficulty in having an erection, which can affect your sexual life and fertilization. It can also affect the volume of sperm you are ejaculating. This can lead to stress and depression as well, and therefore, you must contact your doctor when you are having such problems.

4. Less Body And Facial Hair

When your hormones work efficiently, you will have a normal body and facial hair. If you have less body and facial hair, then it can be due to fertility issues. Lower testosterone levels can cause this problem, which can affect your ability to fertilize.

5. Some Problems In The Testicles

Pain and swelling in the testicles is a common sign in males with fertility issues. Accidents and injuries can also cause this symptom, but you must contact your doctor if you are dealing with such a problem. Your testicles are the place where testosterone is produced, which is responsible for your sexual health and your ability to fertilize; therefore, you must keep your testicles safe.

6. Gynecomastia 

If you are dealing with Gynecomastia or man boobs, then it can be a sign of fertility issues. Your overall body weight can also cause fertility issues. You should eat a balanced diet and exercise every day if you want to solve such a problem.


Fertility issues in males are increasing with time, and you must improve your lifestyle choices to prevent such problems. We have listed some signs and symptoms of fertility issues in males. If you are having such symptoms, then consult your doctor and improve your lifestyle.

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