How Does Melatonin Help With Weight Loss?

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How Does Melatonin Help With Weight Loss

Is your weight becoming scary, putting you on a quest to find out what works best? Having versatile knowledge should not only be limited to when you need a solution, learning equips our minds and gives us experience to forge ahead. So whether you are seeking a solution or not, learning about Melatonin sounds good.

What Is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a natural substance produced in the brain that responds specifically to darkness. This natural substance signals the brain once it is nighttime to prepare for sleep. Aside from aiding in making a person sleep, it has other wonderful and awe-inspiring benefits that will interest everyone. When people grow old, melatonin reduces its effectiveness. Melatonin has been available as a supplement to help boost the one in the brain. 

Melatonin For Weight Loss

Benefits Of Melatonin

Below are the benefits of melatonin:

  • To get rid of sleep disorders: melatonin helps one to easily fall asleep. The supplement is used to make this process work fast and effectively. If you are battling insomnia, you may consider trying this out, it prevents midnight sleeplessness.
  • It prevents jet lag: Jet lag is also a sleep disorder resulting from traveling to a different time zone. Your body may still be used to the former timezone sleeping hours but using melatonin supplement can quickly address this issue.
  • It helps manage symptoms of seasonal depression: this depression is due to changes in season and it usually occurs every year at the same time.
  • It can increase levels of human growth hormone: this hormone is important for growth and cellular regeneration. 
  • It makes the eye healthy: melatonin is high in antioxidants and this can help prevent cell damage and keep the eyes healthy.
  • It helps in the treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): this is a health condition that affects the esophagus caused by the backflow of stomach acid. It usually leads to symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, and belching.

Can Taking Melatonin Lead To Weight Loss?

Melatonin has been popularly recognized as a natural sleep aid. Many still wonder if there is a possibility of melatonin reducing weight. 

According to recent findings, in the natural state of melatonin, it is secreted by a gland in the brain and it regulates a cycle called the circadian rhythm. This circadian rhythm informs the body on when to eat, wake, and sleep. 

The sun and temperature are what regulate this internal bodily clock, but if it is disrupted, it can disturb sleeping patterns. When the Circadian rhythm is disrupted, it can lead to obesity and depression, also increasing the chances of cardiovascular events.

Research currently proves that melatonin can help in weight loss by increasing metabolism and improving the ability to lose weight.

It has been revealed that melatonin fights fat in two ways which are:

  • It turns fat into energy rather than storing it and this improves the thermogenic capacity of mitochondria.
  • To enable fat burning, the mitochondria will put the calorie-burning mechanism into action.

What You Should Know About The Safety And Side Effects Of Melatonin?

Irrespective of the renowned benefits of melatonin, it is essential to get enlightened on the safety and side effects of melatonin as you indulge in it. 

Research has shown that melatonin is safe and it is non-addictive even when used in a short while or for a long time.

Even Though so many people claim that using melatonin supplements will stop the body from producing its own naturally, research has shown that there is no evidence to back that up, so it is certainly not true.

Melatonin is not recommended for children as studies only showed the effects on adults. Children should not be given the supplement.

The side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness

Melatonin has been reported to interact with certain medications such as antidepressants, blood thinners, and blood pressure.

Always inform your healthcare provider about your choice of adding melatonin to your medication. Do not self, prescribe seek for medical advice.


Melatonin alone will not effectively reduce weight hence the need for supplementation is necessary. For this to work and give you your desired result, you will have to include physical activity and a change in poor diet.   

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