Men’s Libido Drop: At What Age Does It Begin?

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Men's Libido Drop At What Age Does It Begin

Do you look back in time and think about the vigor, strength, and libido your body had, and if it is now slowly exhausting? Well, you are not alone in feeling this way, as several factors affect men that impact their sex drive with time.

Many males may experience the frustration that accompanies low libido. However, you should know that while some loss is a natural thing, other factors can also affect this aspect. Without delay, learn what you can expect as you age regarding your sexual desires.

Is It Normal To Experience Lower Sex Drive As You Age?

Usually, men experience a progressive reduction in their sex drive as they reach the age of 40. Their body may produce low testosterone levels, which oversee sexual health. While the decline is around 1% every year, by the age of 70, these levels can drop to 30% lower than the typical amount.

Age-Related Changes In Men's Sexual Desire

Despite the decrease, your testosterone will be in the normal range. However, the extent to which it decreases may vary. Many males may keep feeling a sexual desire even when they reach their 60s or 70s.  

However, some males experience low libido because of underlying conditions. Some factors that lead to this loss include alcoholism, depression, fatigue, stress, or drug use. Sometimes, an endocrine disorder may lower the sex hormones in males. Other times, medications can have poor sexual drive as a side effect.

You must talk to a medical professional if you are worried about your low libido or have experienced a sudden drop in your sex drive. The doctor will evaluate your medical record, ask for tests, and perform a physical inspection to pinpoint the cause.

After finding the answers, the professional may suggest various treatment options. These could include:

  • If you suffer from conditions like sleep apnea, you may encounter low testosterone levels. By treating it, you can restore normal testosterone levels for a healthier sexual life.
  • Your doctor may prescribe a different drug if your current medication is contributing to this loss.

At What Age Most Men Experience Low Sex Drive?

Testosterone levels are generally high in men in their 20s, which contributes to their sex drive. They continue to feel strong libido throughout their 30s and early 40s. However, men may start experiencing a gradual decrease when they reach the age of 35.

Other factors that may contribute to the lowered sex drive at this age include workload, family, and other life commitments. As you get older, you may enjoy a good sexual life in your 50s and above if you have well-maintained mental and physical health.

However, other factors may affect your sexual desires. Read further to understand this more clearly.

  • Lower Sexual Function

Poor sexual function is a significant contributing factor in men’s decreased sexual desire. It does not matter how long you have lived or how old you are now. There are young men in their 20s with erectile dysfunction (ED). This condition can occur due to mental or medical issues. 

Moreover, this condition becomes increasingly prevalent in men with age. Older men may not experience firm or frequent erections. However, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, or heart disease can also result in loss of libido. 

Fortunately, numerous solutions are available to solve the issue of erectile dysfunction today. These could include changes in lifestyle, penile implants, and prescription medications.

  • Reduced Sensitivity 

Besides factors like erectile dysfunction, age is a significant factor that one cannot ignore. As you grow older, various body systems also decline. As a result, most men may suffer from reduced sensitivity, which occurs because of the falling health of peripheral nerves.

The only solution to deal with this issue is through patience, as you will need more time to feel aroused.


The conclusive result is that humans experience more health issues as they live longer. These problems also include a reduced libido. However, there are treatments and solutions to address these problems and ensure that you live your senior years with good sexual health.

But while the decline in sex drive is a natural phenomenon, it is crucial to connect with a professional in case of a sudden drop or a sexual function problem.

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