Migraines And Diarrhea: What Is The Link Between Them?

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Migraines And Diarrhea What Is The Link BetweenThem

You got the headache, you got it right with a migraine! But did you know then? Migraine is just more than a severe type of headache? It is a complex neurological event that can bring a lot of symptoms which affect your health. There is a huge connection between migraine and your digestive system, and in this blog, we will explore the link between migraine and diarrhoea. How the relationship works between these two is an unexplainable yet related issue. There are a lot of factors that can connect people having migraine with diarrhoea.

Be it any type of headache, if you get diarrhoea, it is indeed a migraine. Let’s understand all the factors that contribute to this connection and how one should manage all the symptoms effectively.

What Is A Migraine?

Migraine is a type of neurological disorder that is onset by an intense and throbbing headache. It is later accompanied by vomiting and nausea with a sensitivity to light and sounds. They can affect a person‘s life and productivity (as the headache is uncontrollably throbbing). There are a lot of stages of migraine and usually, the first face is a throat-like pain in the head.

A lot of people might not understand but migraine is a serious neurological disorder that needs immediate medical attention. There is a huge connection between migraine and diarrhoea, and people who are not aware of Migraines might take it as a normal headache.

The Link Between Migraine And Diarrhea

The Link: Migraine And Diarrhoea

Our body works in a lot of magical ways – every disorder is connected with a particular disease that may or may not be related. Migraines and diarrhoea can go hand-in-hand for some people and it is common for them to experience this problem along with the severe headache. There is a lot of connection that has made researchers investigate this problem, and some of the following findings are medically proven:

  • Autonomic nervous system

The autonomic nervous system or ANS also plays a huge role in regulating the physiological functions of the body like respiration, heart rate and digestion. If people get a migraine attack, the autonomic system can be dysregulated and lead to symptoms like diarrhoea. There will be an increased issue in the digestive track and people with migraine can suffer from frequent episodes of egestion.

  • Neuropeptides

There are certain neuropeptides like the calcitonin gene which is related to the peptide called CGRP – it can be released after the episode of migraine and can affect the gastrointestinal tract. It can lead to changes in the stomach and can be a huge link between migraine and diarrhoea.

  • Serotonin levels

Serotonin is also a neurotransmitter that can regulate your mood, and also give you a proper digestive system, but during the episodes of migraine, the levels can fluctuate. It can impact the intestine and lead to diarrhoea (with the mood being cranky).

How To Manage?

Migraine and diarrhoea are both very different but somehow are interlinked with each other with the above-mentioned factors. You have to make sure that you manage and treat the symptoms effectively and here we are with some of the suggestions that you may take for the same.

  • Make sure to identify the triggers that may be affecting your digestive system – it can be a diary where you maintain your eating habits, symptoms, and other environmental factors that can trigger these symptoms. You may be stressed or allergic to certain foods along with hormonal changes and may also be in a state of sleeplessness.
  • There is a common disorientation between medication management and due to that people might be experiencing these issues. There are a lot of medications for migraine including pain, relievers, triptans, and other preventive drugs. In many cases, these medications are also targeting the digestive system tract.
  • Your stress is also a big factor, giving you migraine and diarrhoea. So make sure to go for the reduction techniques. You can opt for gym, yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises that will soothe your overall physical being.


Migraine and diarrhoea are linked but not related and hence one has to make sure to follow these management techniques to overcome the issue. You should follow a proper diet and make sure that everything is sorted inside your body.

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