Can Milk Thistle Aid In Weight Loss? Interesting Facts You Must Know

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Can Milk Thistle Aid In Weight Loss

If you belong to a group of hot sexy slimy forever but all of a sudden you have a flop in your diet and boom! You gained an unexpected weight within the twinkling of an eye. Certainly, you must be striving to lose weight at all costs. Have you ever wondered if Milk thistle can help break down extra skin/fat and give you a perfect body fit? Let’s take you on a journey to learning more about milk thistle, it might just be what you want to hit back your slimmer you!

What is Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle is a flowering plant famous for its herbal remedy for various illnesses. There have been suggested reviews and opinions indicating milk thistle can treat liver disease, cancer, and diabetes. Confirmation of these effects is limited as a result of no concrete evidence to back it up. 

The Impact Of Milk Thistle On Weight Loss

According to a historical report, in ancient times, milk thistle extract known as silymarin which has antioxidants, antiviral and anti-inflammatory components was used to treat liver and gallbladder disorders, boost breast milk production, prevent and treat cancer, and also protect the liver from environmental poisonings such as snake bite, alcohol, and many others. With these in mind, milk thistle is indeed a powerful plant embedded with numerous therapeutic benefits. 

Can Milk Thistle Be Eaten Raw?

Indeed, a thoughtful question! Milk thistle is an edible plant which means that the stalks, leaves, roots, and flowers can be eaten. The sharp leaf-spine needs to be removed before consumption. There is no evidence of negative reports with regard to eating the milk thistle plant. If it is within your reach, no need to be scared of taking it raw, just wash it properly and eat it.

Why Take The Supplement If It Can Be Eaten Raw?

If you have thought about this, then here is why!

  • Limited coverage: Milk thistle plants may not reach a wider coverage in terms of location but the supplement can with all the active compounds still being active. 
  • Improper absorption: Recent findings have proven that when milk thistle is taken orally in raw form, the silybin extract is not often well absorbed. This means the main core vital elements of this plant will not be absorbed into the body. That means you need to get the supplement for the best result.
  • Absence of Phytosome: when milk thistle extract silybin is combined with phosphatidylcholine, to create milk thistle Phytosome, this helps to boost the activeness of silybin. Through Phytosome, milk thistle plant and its compounds can be delivered to the gut effectively without being destroyed by gastric secretion and gut bacteria, in turn enhancing the bioavailability of the plants. 

When buying a supplement, the most effective and reliable one must indicate the combination of phosphatidylcholine.

Is Milk Thistle Use For Weight Loss?

Milk thistle has been experimented on an obese rat a few years back and the rat abruptly loses weight. Many people use this experiment as a backup to prove the authenticity of milk thistle in losing weight. The fact still remains that there is no strong theory to prove that milk thistle can make you lose weight drastically. A few facts led many to believe that this plant can perform certain functions in the body to enhance weight loss and they are:

  •  Through the capacity to increase metabolism, it breaks down fats in the body.
  • It reduces cravings for sugary foods. 
  • It beats down bloating and enables fast digestion of food. Bloating makes you heavy and full, using this plant is vital especially to digest food quickly thereby reducing the chances of storing belly fat.


Actually, you can accomplish weight loss using milk thistle supported with physical activities. To get maximum satisfaction from the milk thistle plant, ensure you purchase the supplement that indicates the combination of phosphatidylcholine in order to derive the complete benefits of these therapeutic plants. Aside from weight loss, you can be sure to get rid of diabetes, jaundice, indigestion, cirrhosis, hepatitis, and many other detrimental health conditions. 

Always remember that achieving weight loss is not as easy as the alphabet. You need time and commitment. Thankfully, milk thistle will assist by increasing metabolism.

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